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UPDATE!! There are still over 80 million $XFL at stake, so share your referral link and grab those tokens before they run out!


Well, other teams (spankcoin, xxx, tittiecoin) have done it before with less style and fewer resources, but here we go on the adult decentralized merry go round. Yay! Welcome Flame Token XFL to the game, the Flame token is written on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC20 token which is intended to act as a reward for activities on the Sharesome platform, as well as maintain the adult entertainment industry in a decentralized Adult Social Media Platform blockchain kind of way by allowing XFL to be used for tipping entertainers and other digital services. This team has a great sense of humor, very taboo concepts brewing up here. For instance, how about getting paid to pull your Weiner, or double-click your mouse? The flame Token team has coupled up with Sharesome and their own cocktail mixer application to pay you to do such a task. That’s ingenuity at it’s finest folks, Bender has tried to spice up that description a bit, but at CryptoSwagDrops, we do believe the Flame Token Website got it better, ‘ Download our “Cocktail Mixer” smartwatch app below and start collecting tokens while jerking off to Sharesome! ‘. ahem, hmm, Fantastic!

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“Flame Token sets the adult world on fire.”

Right out of the gate Flame token team will hook you up with 1000 tokens, it’s up to you to contribute to earn more tokens, and I don’t mean contribute by showing people your genitals, I don’t think so anyway, perhaps I have to check over the platform a bit more before I go on about it. Anyhoo, no mention of showing our genitals has been talked of yet, so; how about those blue jays? Good team this year. Ah, anyways. Time is of the essence, as with all the airdrops CryptoSwagDrop provides; so if this sort of thing entertains you, Get yourself some Flame Tokens right away, even if you don’t wanna get all cocktail shaky and shit with them, you can still sign up and look the other way while the tokens roll into your wallet. Now if you are totally against this sort of thing, I don’t understand why you’ve read this far, but good for you. More information can be found in the team’s whitepaper.

Flame Token is releasing just over 500,000,000 tokens for the airdrop event, and they are being quite generous. So please get on in there, tell them CryptoSwagDrops sent ya, ya crazy snake wrangler.

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“Flame Token sets the adult world on fire.”