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Caturday v.3


Welcome to Caturday Volume 3

I spent the last 3 days on the road and visiting at the family cottage, had a great time reconnecting with nature and close family members. The cottage is near White Fish Falls Ontario so it is quite a trek from the tricity area.  I dont have much to say about the kitties today, i am a bit whipped and a little iffy from all the boating and dock fishing, I feel like I am swaying with the water still. My cryptokiities arent doing too much at the moment, I believe they are watching the stocks, rick and morty and one of them is preparing his election speech, crazy cats. I dont think i missed too many important drops while I was gone, i’ve caught up on most and have a few to share with the group today. Dont forget to keep an eye on your wallets, omnes token was just distubited. Have a great caturday.

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