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EVA Token EVAIO Airdrop


The fantastic team at EVAIO have come up with a great blockchain use case. EVA is a decentralized platform for electric vehicles and electric car owners. According to EVAIO’s website ‘vehicles with EVAIO software are able to trade Vehicle-generated data to blockchain automatically, which will make vehicle owners benefit from it directly’. CryptoSwagDrops thinks this is a fantastic scenario, having a trustless public ledger that contains all the vehicles information would make purchasing, owning and transferring a car much more transparent. With all the information available to anyone, there can’t be any unturned disclosures on the vehicle, you get what the description says and it is verified by trustless peer to peer information sharing.

‘According to Mckinsey, Car generated data may become a USD 750 billion market by 2030.’

The electronic car industry is not something new, years ago major automobile industry players experimented with the ‘electric vehicle’ with great success, but then the projects were pulled from the public. Now that wave is coming back, times are a changing and electric vehicles are now being mass produced for the public. EVAIO is cutting edge technology, coupling their idea with the blockchain concept will be a game changer for sure. According to EVAIO website, ‘Vehicles contribute data and get EVA rewards from EVAIO blockchain, EVAIO also allows any third-parties to access certain portions of the collected data after paying in form of EVA tokens’; that makes for a successful recipe for crypto enthusiasts and technology pioneers.

Get paid for the mileage you drive, shit, what a concept. Shift up your crypto portfolio while saving money and making money providing your electric car information and driving habits. According to the EVAIO team, vehicles and drivers will be rewarded with EVA and these tokens will be kept in a wallet of EVAIO software in vehicle OS. This will all be possible with the use of the wallet created by Evaio – EVPAY, which will open and allow third parties to access APIs, allowing more auto-based express services to exist in EVA ecosystem. 

The EVAIO team has created 20,000,000,000 EVA ERC20 tokens on the ethereum blockchain, during this initial coin offering session, they are giving away a tonne of those tokens to supporters and airdrop collectors. Wanna get some EVAIO? Your gonna need telegram for the main bounty, a twitter and facebook account wouldn’t help either, because the more you can spread the word, the more they reward you with their lovely EVA Token. Also, your gonna need an Ethereum wallet because it is an ERC20 Tokens, CryptoSwagShop recommends the Binance Trust Wallet.

This airdrop is set up a little bit different than most, not as automated on the intake forum, they run the main intake on google forums, so go ahead and fill out this forum, just for completing that you will be sent 1260 EVA tokens. Next, open up and join them on the telegram, twitter, and facebook for extra EVA tokens. You can check out the CryptoSwagDrop blog as well for more current and past airdrops, EVAIO is really onto something here and CryptoSwagShop is proud to present this information to your senses. Hurry up and grab some EVA! Don’t forget to share your referral link with others for some extra EVA! 150 EVA per referral!

EVAIO is creating a trusted and secured payment system for vehicles, which makes it possible for this P2P network to achieve efficiency creation and redistribution of profit.