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CryptoSwagDrop Recommended Wallets

Today the blog is gonna cover the first stepping stone to cryptocurrencies as there have been many questions about the different airdrops and tokens being discussed on our platforms. So to help navigate the landscape CryptoSwagDrop is gonna cover a few of the main blockchains and their cooresponding wallets.

As always, we like to share our an album to listen to while you gloss over the blog entry, so lets crank up some Faine Jade and their fantastic 1968 released album titled Introspection

Let’s dive into this shall we. First of we’ll start with the big cheese, BITCOIN aka BTC.

Bitcoin is an SHA-256 cryptocurrency and the encryption method is a member of the SHA-2 cryptographic hash functions designed by the NSA. Bitcoin was the first decentralized cryptocurrency to gain mass adoption, for the most part so far, we’re working on that. Many ‘forks’ of Bitcoin have come since, many forks of bitcoin have come along since, in different forms of encryption and hashing algorithms. The main considered fork of bitcoin has been Bitcoin cash, which itself has been forked as well. CryptoSwagDrops could go on about the forks all day, so if you interested in that perhaps do a little more research on your own, for this blog’s purpose we are covering how to safely store many of these coins.  To hold Bitcoin, or Bitcoin cash you need the corresponding wallet, has a fantastic wallet. The bitcoin/bitcoin cash wallet is available on the play store or on the app store. The reason CryptoSwagDrops recommends this wallet, is because it was created and designed by the same devs that work on the blockchain. Also, having a personal wallet like this means that you control the private keys to the wallet, instead of holding your coins on an exchange. If the exchange gets hacked and insolvent, there go your funds. It is always best to hold your coins in your own personal wallet. Head over to to grab a Bitcoin and BitcoinCash wallet. 

Grab Bitcoin / Bitcoin Cash Wallet

Next up, let’s talk about all this crazy erc20, erc721, eth token, eth, token, etc nonsense. CryptoSwagShop is sure if you’re reading this blog you likely are interested in the airdrop phenomena sweeping the landscape. A lot of these projects are written on the ethereum blockchain, so they require an ethereum wallet. There is mass confusion with the different tokens, the way to send, the way to receive etc. It can be quite overwhelming when you dive in. Let’s try and keep this simple. Ethereum blockchain has many fantastic use cases, one of which is the ability for project devs to write tokens on the back of the blockchain, issuing their own cryptocurrency as a second layer on top of an existing blockchain. That adds instant chain security and mass mining of any token written on the chain. With all that in mind, it’s no wonder a lot these tokens are being spammed on the ethereum blockchain, not to mention now we have other types of tokens such as the ERC721 which is more like a collectible game token with a serial number issued on the blockchain, it is rare, but it is digital so physical interaction is limited to your wallet and decentralized app compatible device. This may all be a lot to take in as well, so like I said simple is the key. CryptoSwagShop recommends using the Trust wallet on your iOS or Android device, and we also recommend the metamask wallet for desktop devices. Both wallets will hold all the mentioned eth blockchain tokens, as well as ethereum itself. Here is a huge helping tip that many new folks don’t realize, your receiving wallet address can be used for ETH and all ERC20/721 tokens transfers, no need to make multiple addresses and multiple wallets. When someone asks you for your token or ethereum wallet address, it’s the same. It usually starts with a 0x then followed by random alphanumeric. That is your receiving wallet address for all eth related tokens. Make sure you write down your 12 seed pneumonic phrase, those are like the keys to your car, nothing moves without those keys. If you lose that phrase, you are how the French say, FUCT! So be careful, and for fuck’s sake don’t share those keys with anyone!

Grab Metamask for desktop.

Grab Trustwallet for mobile.

All this typing is taking a toll. So let’s get onto the last blockchain wallet I would like to cover today, Stellar XLM wallets. Same idea as the others, but a different algorithm and encryption once again. Getting a bit hairy eh? Don’t worry you’ll catch on. Stellar is pretty cool, and a lot of neat tokens and projects are coming to light on the XLM chain, some of which are KAVAcoin, ADBT, and the recently released Hopecoin, which we actually just covered in our airdrop section a couple days ago, hope everyone that caught that is enjoying their Hope coins. If you didn’t have a way to get that drop, here’s your chance to grab that wallet for the next XLM drop. CryptoSwagDrop recommends the LOBSTR wallet, they have a mobile app as well as a desktop client that you can access. They provide you with your 12-word seed so that you control the coins, not them. Inside that wallet you may trade as well, which is a nice feature – you don’t have to send your coins anywhere, just switch them up in the wallet in real-time @ current market values. Awesome. 

Grab the Lobstr wallet and enjoy the XLM blockchain’s features. 

There are many others we could cover, a insider’s tip to the guy’s that read this far, these three are great, but don’t forget about TRON….. heh, Stay cool cats. God Bless. 

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Saturday 811


????????????NEWS FLASH????????????

????????????THIS JUST IN????????????

We broke 2000 Twitter Followers!! Yay!! Although I have no idea who many of you people are; it’s impossible to chat to everyone on a one to one basis, so I would just like to say I appreciate all the support and love, and although I don’t know any of you personally I love making those ‘social’ connections, ????????????????

????   Check us out CryptoSwagDrop Twitter    ????

eh? Anyways, onto the airdrops kids ;



The Star
Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are!
Up above the world so high,
Like a diamond in the sky.
When the blazing sun is gone,
When he nothing shines upon,
Then you show your little light,
Twinkle, twinkle, all the night.
Then the traveler in the dark,
Thanks you for your tiny spark!
He could not see which way to go,
If you did not twinkle so.
In the dark blue sky you keep,
And often through my curtains peep,
For you never shut your eye
Till the sun is in the sky.
As your bright and tiny spark
Lights the traveler in the dark,
Though I know not what you are,
Twinkle, twinkle, little star.
Ann and Jane Taylor

???? FREE ETH – 0.00002 ETH ( plus ref )

Straight up Free ETH – Gotta use telegram tho
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????INCO Tokens – 800 INCO Tokens ( 400 INCO per ref )

Incodium Wallet app is a decentralized application (DApp) developed based on Ethereum with smart contract technology to provide exchange hacking protection.

????Block-Chain (BC Token) Contest – 275 Points  ( + refs) for BC Tokens

Join to Block-chain.con community and get a chance win more 200 000 BEN! This is a contest where you complete social tasks and earn points towards BC tokens, you can check out the project @

????Twogap Tokens – 4000 TGT 2,000 per ref

TwoGap platform was formed to bring Crypto Investors the opportunity to acquire powerful and biggest-scale stop-loss product – CryptoBond.

????TELE Tokens – 100 Free TELE

Get free TELE tokens, purchase TELE tokens, put them into interest program with the company and gain interest and more TELE tokens ; get your profit share every two weeks

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New exchange, giving out exchange utility tokens, sign up for 10 free instant tokens, invite your friends and give them the opportunity to get more ETHX coins instantly. Use referral code  

  • They Get 10 ethx coins instantly.
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Gotta get down on Friday. .

“Johnny Speaks”
The Sandman he’s a jolly old fellow,
His face is kind and his voice is mellow,
But he makes your eyelids as heavy as lead,
And then you got to go off to bed;
I don’t think I like the Sandman.
But I’ve been playing this livelong day;
It does make a fellow so tired to play!
Oh, my, I’m a–yawning right here before me,
I’m the sleepiest fellow that ever you saw.
I think I do like the Sandman.


Paul Laurence Dunbar 

Well, it’s’ Friday peoples!!! Thank goodness; I hope we all had a productive week, much was accomplished; in God we trust. There are a few shit discount referral(s) today; they aren’t as much fun and usually require some sort of a deposit by your referral to get you any gains, so perhaps in the future, I won’t include these? AS this is supposed to be an ‘airdrop and promo code GIVEAWAY ‘ blog, not a pay to play shit post. Anyways; glad you are with me on Friday the 10th of the August in the year 2018 …


????TACHAIN.IO – purchase discount referral

At the end of the token sale period, 5% of tokens purchased by people you referred will be attributed to your account.

????LTE Tokens – 65 LTE Tokens (+1 per referral )

Peer to Peer Decentralised Cryptocurrency Exchange.
Safe. Uncomplicated. Comprehensive. Fast.


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Hump Day!

Image result for hump day


An old man planted and dug and tended,
Toiling in joy from dew to dew;
The sun was kind, and the rain befriended;
Fine grew his orchard and fair to view.
Then he said: “I will quiet my thrifty fears,
For here is fruit for my failing years.”

But even then the storm–clouds gathered,
Swallowing up the azure sky;
The sweeping winds into white foam lathered
The placid breast of the bay, hard by;
Then the spirits that raged in the darkened air
Swept o’er his orchard and left it bare.

The old man stood in the rain, uncaring,
Viewing the place the storm had swept;
And then with a cry from his soul despairing,
He bowed him down to the earth and wept.
But a voice cried aloud from the driving rain;
“Arise, old man, and plant again!”
Paul Laurence Dunbar

Well , here we are half way thru the 2nd week of August in the year 2018 …. on a Wednesday , my old french teacher was the first person I’ve ever heard it referred to as ‘hump day’ , I believe that was at age 14; you can imagine my response at that age heh… On that note, at age 25 my father and I were talking and he referred to his mustache as his ‘cookie duster’ , again ; my thoughts ran wild…. 
Onto the airdrops

????ABBC Tokens
– 100 ABBC Tokens (plus refs)

The Airdrop will be giving away 100 ABBC to first 500,000 users

????Oodlebits – 40 Oodlebits for signup (plus 5 per ref)

Oodlebit is a U.S. based business founded in 2018 by Nicholas Dooley. Aiming to provide users with a fast, fair, and secure digital asset trading platform by utilizing the best technologies, the most talented people, and by continuously pursuing the input of the community.

????Indodax Exchange – No token drop? Enjoy 10% off trades (plus ref bonus)

Indodax is an online platform where you can buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum and other Digital Assets in Indonesia. Register now to gain the optimal experience in trading Digital Assets!

????100 BFM TOKENS – Sign up get 100 free BFM PLUS TONNES FOR REFERRALS!

Bifam is a digital blockchain village utlizing the power of the internet and blockchain technology to create a self sustaining community of people with various skills and role in a unique PROOF OF WORK (POW) system which creates wealth and mutually benefits all community members.

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Monday Monday Monday ….

“The Old Stoic” 
Emily Brontë 
Riches I hold in light esteem, 
And Love I laugh to scorn; 
And lust of fame was but a dream 
That vanish’d with the morn; 
And if I pray, the only prayer 
That moves my lips for me 
Is, “Leave the heart that now I bear, 
And give me liberty!”
 Yes, as my swift days near their goal, 
’Tis all that I implore: 
In life and death a chainless soul, 
With courage to endure.
Well, its the start of new week, Moday used to be my least favorite day (most likely because growing up I was a huge garfield fan, that cat fucken hates monday) ; but now, i think I hate them all the same.. Don’t we sound enthusiast about Mondays? Have a good week people.. 😛 Onto the airdrops ….

Guarium Drop – 1000’s of GUAR Tokens (with a change to will a huge amount)

GUARIUM will be a B2B and B2C platform connecting producers, wholesalers, online stores and clients.

Extent Medium Article – Bobbit6k – Extent Tokens

note : I came across this ad on medium, if it is legit then it seems like a decent project, free tokens for sign up, seems like a automated token receiving system. I.e. signs you up for airdrops in the app. Anyways, there wasn’t a referal link to share so I just shared the medium ad; there is a link for free tokens in there, if you can please add me as your referral ; @rodriguez137


Olife Tokens – 11 OLIFE Tokens (+1 per REF)

Olife is a blockchain 4.0 unified crypto-commerce application with an open-source cryptographic token, OLIFE.

AlibabaCoin – 100 ABBC Tokens (+ Refs)

ABBC Multi-event exchange, wallet and token unveiling 

ETHX.CO Tokens – 10 Ethx Tokens (+10 per ref)

New exchange in the launching mode, will be live on August 10th, get 10 free tokens for sign up and additional ones for referring your friends


Twogap Tokens – 4000 TGT Tokens (+1000 per ref)

The World’s first decentralized value management platform

Tambola Tokens – 100TBL

Play games online, win tokens, bet with tambola’s

Dst Token – 20 DST (+ REF)

DST is a decentralized silver ecosystem with underlying blockchain technology, utilizing smart contract protocol in silver mining industry.


HackerNet Tokens – 400 HNT Tokens (+100 per REF)

/ is launching their project soon. They have been developing this project for quite a while and its one of the top projects based out of Singapore.


ICXC TokensGet upto 40 ICXC token (15 ICXC per ref)
ICON Classic — Empowering businesses to take control of their future through Blockchain powered Data Management.



FUNKEYpay Tokens – 100 token airdrop (+ 50 each per REF)
A new payment solution for P2P payment on SNS platforms.