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CSS Year End Update Teaser


WOW! What a year so far!

Wanted to touch base with our clients and customers; this year has been an eye-opener on many levels. The team at CryptoSwagShop has gone through some changes, there have been some lessons learned, affiliates gained, knowledge retained and a lot of great airdrops passed out. Considering the hiccups of the first year, CryptoSwagShop came out on top and ready to continue strong heading into the new year.

CryptoSwagShop mug sales have skyrocketed in December, so much so that we’ve exhausted the current supplier’s source and now tasked with finding a new supplier for the new year, which is already underway;

CryptoSwagShop has procured large shipments on 11oz porcelain mugs with robust handles and solid bodies.  The mugs are 11oz capacity / 325 milliliters, 9.4 centimeters high x 8 centimeters diameter. The current price of CryptoSwagShop mugs reflect the current design we are using, 10 oz mugs with a little bit of a dainty handle, very good quality mugs; however, incoming new mugs will become the standard for our CryptoSwagShop going forward. The price will be adjusted to 15$ CAD per mug, from the current price of 10$ for the 10oz.

Tee-shirts and Hoodie source supplier is running strong

Our clothing swag has performing fantastic, no complaints on the materials, the prints or any complaints. Going forward CryptoSwagShop will continue to use Gildan clothing and materialsCryptoSwagShop has been receiving praise and compliments on our merchandise and clothing lines, it’s fantastic to see so many fresh faces supporting our shop, essence and our chosen affiliates. Hivewear and 420 are doing fantasticCryptoSwagShop has had some troubles keeping stock in some of the hotter sellers, which hasn’t posed too much of a setback, just temporary hiccups, our turnaround time for orders is generally 5-7 days and it is at your door. When we have to make an order for size out of stock, our turn around time swells up to 8-10 days. Going forward CryptoSwagShop will be maintaining higher in-house stock levels, we’re gonna get that turn around time down, and get our products to our customer’s as quick as possible. This year has had quite the learning curve with couriers, with the introduction of the new NAFTA agreement, the Canada post strike and many other factors attacking us on the frontline, As well, our international shipping costs seem to swing quite hard, going forward we will be looking for more reliable and cheaper solutions for shipping internationally, UPS is great for our North American and South American customers, but sending anything over the pond jacks the shipping cost up, so keep an eye out for future updates on CryptoSwagShop courier services.

More Updates to be revealed heading into the New Year, Stay tuned!

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