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DGS Dragonglass Airdrop


Dragonglass is the world’s first gaming  & mining experience all in one.

Dragonglass is the world’s first gaming and mining experience all in one solution, written on the ethereum blockchain.

Dragonglass is re-inventing the cryptocurrency mining scene, making it much more interactive then staring about your bits in a wallet or spending hours staring at charts to get some gains, how about this? ‘Play the mobile game, mine real cryptocurrency, earn up to 10x coins and collect unique blockchain based skins. Dragonglass provides a seamless solution for cryptocurrency mining. It’s so simple even your grandma can do it!


According to the phenomenal team at Dragonglass. Dragonglass was written as ERC20 token on the ethereum blockchain, the idea behind Dragonglass is massive. First off, you get paid to play games, that’s right, while you are having fun playing their dragonglass mobile game app, you are also mining valuable DGS Tokens. According to their spiffy website ‘While you are having fun playing the game, the Dragonglass app makes seamless cryptocurrency transactions and multiplies your Dragonglass tokens. You’ll be guiding a miner through rocks and gravel deeper and deeper underground. The deeper you go, the more levels you complete. Each successfully completed level multiplies your initial Dragonglass tokens. So if you’ve originally had 1 Dragonglass token (DGS) before starting the game, after 10 successfully completed levels you will have 11 DGS tokens (1 DGS that you’ve bought + 10 DGS mined)’. CryptoSwagDrops thinks that is a fantastic concept, and we would like to help our readers to get some DGS tokens today.  

Take part in the Dragonglass ICO

Grab the Dragonglass ICO Airdrop

There is currently a token sale going on. Dragonglass is holding their public ICO ATM, with 100% of the 1,111,111,111 Dragonglass tokens generated during the sale being sent to contributors. Along the side of their public ICO, they are also holding their airdrop giveaway from project enthusiasts and token collectors.  You can check that out here.


The Team over at Dragonglass can also be reached thru their social media pages, on facebook, telegram, twitter, and you can also gloss over all this information plus much more including their whitepaper at the project’s website

Dragonglass is the world’s first gamified cryptomining