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Bidooh (DOOH) Token AirDrop

Break out the DOOH!

CryptoSwagDrop really can’t say enough positive things about this project. The Bidooh idea is fantastic, digital advertising screens which deliver targeted based advertising based on who you are and what you are currently wearing; where advertisers can buy advertising time on the screens with DOOH tokens. Bidooh is run by a great team with many well-recognized affiliates backing their project. 

What are DOOH Tokens?

DOOH tokens live on the ethereum blockchain as ERC 20 tokens. DOOH tokens have a total supply of 128 billion, with a humble 15% going to the development team, another 15% reserved for future use such as social media campaigns, affiliates, airdrops, and the remaining 70% going to the public ICO sale; according to the team’s whitepaper. Each DOOH token represents 10 seconds of digital advertising space on a digital advertising screen. The funds raised from their DOOH ICO are being used to complete the build of the Ethereum based blockchain smart contract also to build and install at least 1,000 digital advertising screens. With their digital advertising screen, Bidooh displays the right message to the right person at the right time, all controlled from the advertiser using the app in real time. They plan to install the screen in different locations globally, with different sizes, features etc. Advertising prices may be adjusted in the future to correspond with new screen features.

Cool, but I don’t advertise?

Even If you are not an advertiser, Bidooh has something for you. Bidooh plans to distribute DOOH as a reward system for the user’s who engage advertisements in the network, and here’s the kicker – after you engage the advertisement and get rewards with DOOH;  and use DOOH to purchase products from the advertiser (participating retailers). If you are a freelancer, or graphics kinda person you can earn DOOH for original content sold to advertisers and users. DOOH will also be traded on exchanges in the future; so it is in your best monetary interest to engage BidoohBidooh is really going to revolutionize the advertisement game, get in early with CryptoSwagDrop! Click the link below to get some free DOOH.

Ok Awesome, onto the Airdrop Please

Guys, right now Bidooh has an amazing referral airdrop promotion going on, so even if you don’t have bits or cash to purchase and ICO DOOH you still have a chance to get in the game early. Get up to 5000 DOOH thru social media shares, joining in the telegram chat and supporting the team on HADAX! If you do wish to invest there are multiple stages in the Bidooh ICORight now until 11/04/18 users can enjoy a 10% bonus on purchased tokens. If the hard cap is reached before the 4th the current stage will close, and a new stage will begin with a decreased bonus.