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CryptoSwagDrop Recommended Wallets

Today the blog is gonna cover the first stepping stone to cryptocurrencies as there have been many questions about the different airdrops and tokens being discussed on our platforms. So to help navigate the landscape CryptoSwagDrop is gonna cover a few of the main blockchains and their cooresponding wallets.

As always, we like to share our an album to listen to while you gloss over the blog entry, so lets crank up some Faine Jade and their fantastic 1968 released album titled Introspection

Let’s dive into this shall we. First of we’ll start with the big cheese, BITCOIN aka BTC.

Bitcoin is an SHA-256 cryptocurrency and the encryption method is a member of the SHA-2 cryptographic hash functions designed by the NSA. Bitcoin was the first decentralized cryptocurrency to gain mass adoption, for the most part so far, we’re working on that. Many ‘forks’ of Bitcoin have come since, many forks of bitcoin have come along since, in different forms of encryption and hashing algorithms. The main considered fork of bitcoin has been Bitcoin cash, which itself has been forked as well. CryptoSwagDrops could go on about the forks all day, so if you interested in that perhaps do a little more research on your own, for this blog’s purpose we are covering how to safely store many of these coins.  To hold Bitcoin, or Bitcoin cash you need the corresponding wallet, has a fantastic wallet. The bitcoin/bitcoin cash wallet is available on the play store or on the app store. The reason CryptoSwagDrops recommends this wallet, is because it was created and designed by the same devs that work on the blockchain. Also, having a personal wallet like this means that you control the private keys to the wallet, instead of holding your coins on an exchange. If the exchange gets hacked and insolvent, there go your funds. It is always best to hold your coins in your own personal wallet. Head over to to grab a Bitcoin and BitcoinCash wallet. 

Grab Bitcoin / Bitcoin Cash Wallet

Next up, let’s talk about all this crazy erc20, erc721, eth token, eth, token, etc nonsense. CryptoSwagShop is sure if you’re reading this blog you likely are interested in the airdrop phenomena sweeping the landscape. A lot of these projects are written on the ethereum blockchain, so they require an ethereum wallet. There is mass confusion with the different tokens, the way to send, the way to receive etc. It can be quite overwhelming when you dive in. Let’s try and keep this simple. Ethereum blockchain has many fantastic use cases, one of which is the ability for project devs to write tokens on the back of the blockchain, issuing their own cryptocurrency as a second layer on top of an existing blockchain. That adds instant chain security and mass mining of any token written on the chain. With all that in mind, it’s no wonder a lot these tokens are being spammed on the ethereum blockchain, not to mention now we have other types of tokens such as the ERC721 which is more like a collectible game token with a serial number issued on the blockchain, it is rare, but it is digital so physical interaction is limited to your wallet and decentralized app compatible device. This may all be a lot to take in as well, so like I said simple is the key. CryptoSwagShop recommends using the Trust wallet on your iOS or Android device, and we also recommend the metamask wallet for desktop devices. Both wallets will hold all the mentioned eth blockchain tokens, as well as ethereum itself. Here is a huge helping tip that many new folks don’t realize, your receiving wallet address can be used for ETH and all ERC20/721 tokens transfers, no need to make multiple addresses and multiple wallets. When someone asks you for your token or ethereum wallet address, it’s the same. It usually starts with a 0x then followed by random alphanumeric. That is your receiving wallet address for all eth related tokens. Make sure you write down your 12 seed pneumonic phrase, those are like the keys to your car, nothing moves without those keys. If you lose that phrase, you are how the French say, FUCT! So be careful, and for fuck’s sake don’t share those keys with anyone!

Grab Metamask for desktop.

Grab Trustwallet for mobile.

All this typing is taking a toll. So let’s get onto the last blockchain wallet I would like to cover today, Stellar XLM wallets. Same idea as the others, but a different algorithm and encryption once again. Getting a bit hairy eh? Don’t worry you’ll catch on. Stellar is pretty cool, and a lot of neat tokens and projects are coming to light on the XLM chain, some of which are KAVAcoin, ADBT, and the recently released Hopecoin, which we actually just covered in our airdrop section a couple days ago, hope everyone that caught that is enjoying their Hope coins. If you didn’t have a way to get that drop, here’s your chance to grab that wallet for the next XLM drop. CryptoSwagDrop recommends the LOBSTR wallet, they have a mobile app as well as a desktop client that you can access. They provide you with your 12-word seed so that you control the coins, not them. Inside that wallet you may trade as well, which is a nice feature – you don’t have to send your coins anywhere, just switch them up in the wallet in real-time @ current market values. Awesome. 

Grab the Lobstr wallet and enjoy the XLM blockchain’s features. 

There are many others we could cover, a insider’s tip to the guy’s that read this far, these three are great, but don’t forget about TRON….. heh, Stay cool cats. God Bless. 

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GBPT – Great British Pound Token Airdrop

GBPT – Great British Pound Token Airdrop

‘Shopping online is meant to be easy… Enter the GBPT Token!’

The Great British Pound Token is a new ethereum token, that cooresponds with the opening of the GBPT Online Store. The GBPT Online Store is a service that will offer electronic products from the top 10 Electronics brands and some more with most used products, not only this but also will offer the Best Bitcoin Mining Hardware. Customers will be able to purchase any available product on the store using GBPT Token as well as BTC and ETH. According to their website, customers will be able to ‘buy unlimited Electronics with full warranty using CryptoCurrency‘. With this vision is store, the use of personalized credit cards and debits cards becomes void, it also removes the middle man (the banking system) and allows for more layers of transparency.

GBPT is an ERC20 token, so an ethereum wallet will do, CryptoSwagShop recommends the binance trust wallet. GBPT has minted 25,000,000,000 Tokens, and has also released a whitepaper outlining their project, which can be accessed here – White Paper. According to the website the token distribution will go as follows:

  • Public Sale 70%
  • Team 10%
  • Airdrops & Marketing 4%
  • Reserved 16%

GBPT is also running an ICO alongside the Airdrop, so customers can get a clutch full of GBPT nice and early. If you wanna join the ICO check out this link-> ICO SIGNUP.

The ICO Price is as follows:

1 GBPT Token = $0.002 at the beginning (15/12/2018 – 15/03/2019)

After initial round is over, they have a upscaling price structure in effect, it goes as following:

  • +23% Bonus from 15/12/2018 to 15/01/2019
  • +07% Bonus from 16/01/2018 to 15/02/2019
  • No Bonus from 16/02/2019 to 15/03/2019

Token Sale Start/End: 15/12/2018 – 15/03/2019

If you do a lot of online electronics shopping this seems like a great upcoming opportunity to save some face, and use some of those hard earned cryptos, remember cryptos are worth tradable merchandise after all in this new world. The added value of security is a nice feature, no more sharing your credit card, debit card or personal information for the world to see. Transactions are private and a digital copy of the receipt is always available on a public ledger. Very Transparent.

If this sort of thing interests you, go ahead and check out the website, their vision and

Join the Airdrop

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Monday Morning Funnies and Choons

Waking up to another Monday.

CryptoSwagShop is located up in North America, in the little village of Canada. This week weather-wise is looking to be a little bit less brutal than last week, not so cold in other words. This morning isn’t too bad, fresh and welcoming, let’s start it off with some comics and tunes. CryptoSwagDrops has already blessed us with some information on new EVAIO EVA token system that integrates with electric car vehicles, pretty impressive technology coming out lately, powered by the blockchain, thank you very much!

There has been some market talk lately as well, although the markets don’t seem to be performing the way the news should affect it; such as the case was in the old days. I believe this shows that the market is maturing, and the neighsayers from back a few years ago will have to eat their own words and regurgitate some bullshit about how they always knew bitcoin WASN’T a bubble. The silent treatment we are all going thru in the markets while the news is brewing is because a lot of investment firms have now offered clients the OTC (over the counter) purchasing method, which keeps their sales off of the exchange ledgers, and more behind scenes; let’s call it silent accumulation by interested invested hidden parties; bears can only hold the market down for so long in spite of the climbing kinetic energy growing in the public domain sector of cryptos.

“The Sleeping Bull is Silently Awakening”


Let us hope that this week brings some well forecasted nice weather and a healthy market set up for the upcoming bull run. Stay cool cats.

Bender R.


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HOPE Coin Air Drop


“Hope Coin is the first digital token that gives you and lets you share Hope”

HOPE coin is an upcoming crypto-token written on the XLM Stellar Blockchain. The team over at HOPE coin has created 7.6 Billion HOPE coins, equal to the number of people that are on the Earth ATM. Each token represents you and I, well I guess that is two tokens, you get the idea tho right? HOPE token is a stellar token so you will need a stellar holding wallet to receive the airdrop, most of the airdrop that cryptoswagdrop provides deals mainly with the ethereum wallet, and we always recommend TRUST, but this is different in this case Cryptoswagdrops recommends grabbing the LOBSTR wallet. Once you have the wallet you are eligible to receive some HOPE, and once you do, you can share, send, sell and trade your HOPE, huh.

The Team over at HOPE Coin likes to stay transparent, so they have laid out their distribution map for the token.

Token Distribution

30% – Founding Team

25% – Marketing and Community

35% – Charity

10%  – Free tokens (airdrops, giveaways, etc)


“The Wall of HOPE lets you express and share your messages of hope with the world.”

According to the HOPE team, they have an awesome use case scenario, The Wall of Hope. According to the website, The Wall of Hope is described as follows :

  • Submit your personal hopes, wishes or dreams to the Wall of HOPE (here)
  • A submission will require 1 Hope Coin (HOPE).
  • Your hope will be published here after review …
  • … and cross-posted to Twitter by Hope Coin with the hashtag #WallofHOPE.

Hope Coin will only permit positive, aspirational, uplifting, and/or encouraging content. Any kind of hate speech, defamation, obscenity, or clear promotional submissions will be rejected.If all of this interests you, sign up thru our affiliate link and get at least 1000 free HOPE coins, if that doesn’t satisfy your craving, then you can earn more HOPE via social media referrals, sharing their message of hope and interacting with the community. Also, within the LOBSTR wallet, you may exchange your tokens for others as well. HOPE Coin will also be listed on some decentralized XLM exchanges such as stellarport, blockeq, stellarterm and many other SDEXs (Stellar distributed Exchanges).

There is some fiddling you have to do with your wallet in order to receive the HOPE DROP, you must add a trust line to your wallet so you can receive then, in your wallet, add an asset, the domain is and the token symbol is HOPE. For more information check out the airdrop website.



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UPDATE!! There are still over 80 million $XFL at stake, so share your referral link and grab those tokens before they run out!


Well, other teams (spankcoin, xxx, tittiecoin) have done it before with less style and fewer resources, but here we go on the adult decentralized merry go round. Yay! Welcome Flame Token XFL to the game, the Flame token is written on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC20 token which is intended to act as a reward for activities on the Sharesome platform, as well as maintain the adult entertainment industry in a decentralized Adult Social Media Platform blockchain kind of way by allowing XFL to be used for tipping entertainers and other digital services. This team has a great sense of humor, very taboo concepts brewing up here. For instance, how about getting paid to pull your Weiner, or double-click your mouse? The flame Token team has coupled up with Sharesome and their own cocktail mixer application to pay you to do such a task. That’s ingenuity at it’s finest folks, Bender has tried to spice up that description a bit, but at CryptoSwagDrops, we do believe the Flame Token Website got it better, ‘ Download our “Cocktail Mixer” smartwatch app below and start collecting tokens while jerking off to Sharesome! ‘. ahem, hmm, Fantastic!

Wanna be cool and send some Flame tokens our way? Check out the Flame Button!


Tip us!

“Flame Token sets the adult world on fire.”

Right out of the gate Flame token team will hook you up with 1000 tokens, it’s up to you to contribute to earn more tokens, and I don’t mean contribute by showing people your genitals, I don’t think so anyway, perhaps I have to check over the platform a bit more before I go on about it. Anyhoo, no mention of showing our genitals has been talked of yet, so; how about those blue jays? Good team this year. Ah, anyways. Time is of the essence, as with all the airdrops CryptoSwagDrop provides; so if this sort of thing entertains you, Get yourself some Flame Tokens right away, even if you don’t wanna get all cocktail shaky and shit with them, you can still sign up and look the other way while the tokens roll into your wallet. Now if you are totally against this sort of thing, I don’t understand why you’ve read this far, but good for you. More information can be found in the team’s whitepaper.

Flame Token is releasing just over 500,000,000 tokens for the airdrop event, and they are being quite generous. So please get on in there, tell them CryptoSwagDrops sent ya, ya crazy snake wrangler.

Grab the Flame Token Airdrop

“Flame Token sets the adult world on fire.”