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CryptoSwagHive Colony

Bender here, just a quick heads up, we’ve installed the back-end for our CryptoSwagHive community. More info to come tomorrow as we polish the system.


The CryptoSwagHive

The hive mirrors a real life bee colony in deaign. Each CryptoSwagHive user is referred to as a worker Bee, with CryptoSwagHive being our main hive. Bees (users) who join our hive and contribute will be rewarded for his or her contribution to the Hive with pollen dust. Pollen dust can then be traded for special site access, profile unlocks, or may be converted to our in-house token CryptoSwagCoin, which is also in the womb state Atm.


More info to come in the future; in the meantime the hive is swarming, go ahead and join our colony, pollen dust will be rewarding when the system is fully implemented. Thanks for your time.