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CryptoSwag Christmas Giftcards


Hey guys, just a reminder that CryptoSwagShop does offer gift cards as an alternative this season to gift giving if you know someone that likes crypto, bitcoin, cash, electronic cash etc. it’s a great holiday card stuffer or stocking stuffer. Better yet, grab one of our swaggy mugs for the hard to buy for crypto connoisseur and throw a gift card in there; if your unsure of which fork they support 😉 or whatever they hell they do. We also carry brands such as the dope 420, the insightful Hivewear and our in-house crypto swag shop gear! CryptoSwagShop will honor future holidays, traditions, will always carry the same cutting-edge swag, we aren’t going anywhere. So, if you can’t pull the trigger on a decent Christmas gift this season, consider the CryptoSwagShop gift card. Happy Holidays from the CryptoSwag Family.

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Pollen Crypto Token

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Caturday v.4

Here we go with another Caturday Saturday, checking out the headlines for cats in the news to keep it fresh of course; here is one that I think you will all fancy.

Man threatens girlfriend, stabs her cat ‘Snowflake’ 12 times while child fires AK-47, police say

Didn’t see that one coming did ya? Apparently, a feller down south in Texas had a mishap today. While his 4-year-old son was running around shooting off the families AK47, the loving house cat Snowflake intensified the matters by urinating on the bed. So instead of assessing the situation and taking it out on the old lady like most assholes do, he decided to take a notch out of the cat while spouting off threats. People say Snokeflake won’t be the same. The man was arrested during the incident after they found he had outstanding parking tickets, bail is set at 47k.

In other Caturday News,

It takes humans 9 months to make a baby, but at the same time, the community has made 1,000,000 CryptoKitties! Cryptokitties has now bred over 1,000,000 digital cats, I seem to fancy the idea of having a digital cat more than the real thing at this point. I’ve had many special analog cats, but they always make a mess and stink like pneumonia and whatnot, plus they like to scratch on my belongings and generally push me around a tad. I do love our dogs, and they are not on the blockchain, unfortunately, they make a mess as well; however, just not in a centralized box location in my home. So let’s hear it for Cryptokitties and their blockchain of cats, making the world a little less cat shitty one crypto kittie at a time.

We are hoping to gain acceptance of the new server, also the site is in flux at the moment, trying to install the back end for the user interface and keep it all minimal at the same time, it’s taking a bit of time to tie all the strings together, please hang on while we build and thank you for your patience, you are the pioneers of our system and will be rewarded accordingly in the future.

Brave Browser – Basic Attention Token

The new Brave browser blocks the ads and trackers that slow you down, chew up your bandwidth, and invade your privacy. Brave even lets you contribute to your favorite creators automatically. Brave supports your favorite creators and by using the browser, you’re helping the creative process. But you also get a blazing fast browser that protects your privacy by blocking trackers and malware. Learn more about Brave. It’s easy to support; Use the new Brave Browser and we will contribute to on your behalf!

Jullar Project

The mission of the Jullar company is to improve relations between companies and investors and reduce financial risks for investors all over the world. Jullar Project is now in its 3rd round of Airdrops, it has set aside 3 million for tokens this airdrop with a special limited offer to the first 50k. Only one registration per user is allowed, each referral gets an extra 80 JUL.

Jullar Token


‘ XTribe is a marketplace that connects users within cities or towns across the world. Sellers can advertise their goods or services and buyers can search their area to either find what they want or just peruse everything being offered.

XTribe is airdropping 300 XRBT (~ $15) tokens to max 20,000 participants. Participate in our exclusive airdrop and complete all the required steps and submit the below form to receive your tokens in 3 weeks after the XTribe token sale. You can also get 150 XRBT (~ $7.50) tokens for every referral. ‘ –

X-tribe Tokens

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CryptoSwagHive Colony

Bender here, just a quick heads up, we’ve installed the back-end for our CryptoSwagHive community. More info to come tomorrow as we polish the system.


The CryptoSwagHive

The hive mirrors a real life bee colony in deaign. Each CryptoSwagHive user is referred to as a worker Bee, with CryptoSwagHive being our main hive. Bees (users) who join our hive and contribute will be rewarded for his or her contribution to the Hive with pollen dust. Pollen dust can then be traded for special site access, profile unlocks, or may be converted to our in-house token CryptoSwagCoin, which is also in the womb state Atm.


More info to come in the future; in the meantime the hive is swarming, go ahead and join our colony, pollen dust will be rewarding when the system is fully implemented. Thanks for your time.