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Caturday v.5

It is Caturday once again, a special day for our crew. Today is filled with cats and Saturday. According to many; Saturday is the Sabbath day in the Bible – a day for no work and all leisure! Lightbulb! I am guessing way back in the 2nd century when the Romans decided upon this, there was a cat who had the final say on Caturday, perhaps a descendant of grumpy cat?

Happy Caturday

Great day for some R&R and perhaps a little bit of the beach boys?  Good vibrations; and on that note,  I would like to point out that Cryptoswagshop’s main vein is located in beautiful Ontario, Canada. Our beauty rural county and surrounding area are 18 days away from legalization of marijuana and high-grade catnip. All us Cats and Bees should be happy, the walls are falling and the world is embracing the movement. I would like to ask a simple question, would the bees like to see more marijuana influenced products? We at crypto swag believe that your body is a temple, and it is yours to map out while you are on the earth realm, if you decide that marijuana is for you, then crypto swag absolutely accepts that and supports your choice, and would like your blessing to promote the green leaf of God on our site. If there is no opposition and no one is complaining then we will continue with the herbal embrace, and stop to infuse our cryptos with our leaves, Hive wear is our ground platform clothing company, but how about something more herbal? Hemp clothing, hemp wear, infusions with hive wear and hemp, let us see how October 18th treats all us Cats and Bees – you may see some fantastic products in the near future.

As far as the Airdrops go today, we haven’t been able to collect focus on that section. Our guy is on holidays at the moment, and we don’t have a back-up. If anyone reading this would like a job collecting our airdrops and promoting them, drop us a line @ [email protected] and let us know what your qualifications, background, connections etc. are in the field. We may have opening positions.

What can bender offer us for airdrops today, you might ask…

Pollen, baby, POLLEN! Drop you ETH address in comments. Ciao.


p.s. maybe don’t click this; or do – your call –

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Pollen Crypto Token

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Caturday v.4

Here we go with another Caturday Saturday, checking out the headlines for cats in the news to keep it fresh of course; here is one that I think you will all fancy.

Man threatens girlfriend, stabs her cat ‘Snowflake’ 12 times while child fires AK-47, police say

Didn’t see that one coming did ya? Apparently, a feller down south in Texas had a mishap today. While his 4-year-old son was running around shooting off the families AK47, the loving house cat Snowflake intensified the matters by urinating on the bed. So instead of assessing the situation and taking it out on the old lady like most assholes do, he decided to take a notch out of the cat while spouting off threats. People say Snokeflake won’t be the same. The man was arrested during the incident after they found he had outstanding parking tickets, bail is set at 47k.

In other Caturday News,

It takes humans 9 months to make a baby, but at the same time, the community has made 1,000,000 CryptoKitties! Cryptokitties has now bred over 1,000,000 digital cats, I seem to fancy the idea of having a digital cat more than the real thing at this point. I’ve had many special analog cats, but they always make a mess and stink like pneumonia and whatnot, plus they like to scratch on my belongings and generally push me around a tad. I do love our dogs, and they are not on the blockchain, unfortunately, they make a mess as well; however, just not in a centralized box location in my home. So let’s hear it for Cryptokitties and their blockchain of cats, making the world a little less cat shitty one crypto kittie at a time.

We are hoping to gain acceptance of the new server, also the site is in flux at the moment, trying to install the back end for the user interface and keep it all minimal at the same time, it’s taking a bit of time to tie all the strings together, please hang on while we build and thank you for your patience, you are the pioneers of our system and will be rewarded accordingly in the future.

Brave Browser – Basic Attention Token

The new Brave browser blocks the ads and trackers that slow you down, chew up your bandwidth, and invade your privacy. Brave even lets you contribute to your favorite creators automatically. Brave supports your favorite creators and by using the browser, you’re helping the creative process. But you also get a blazing fast browser that protects your privacy by blocking trackers and malware. Learn more about Brave. It’s easy to support; Use the new Brave Browser and we will contribute to on your behalf!

Jullar Project

The mission of the Jullar company is to improve relations between companies and investors and reduce financial risks for investors all over the world. Jullar Project is now in its 3rd round of Airdrops, it has set aside 3 million for tokens this airdrop with a special limited offer to the first 50k. Only one registration per user is allowed, each referral gets an extra 80 JUL.

Jullar Token


‘ XTribe is a marketplace that connects users within cities or towns across the world. Sellers can advertise their goods or services and buyers can search their area to either find what they want or just peruse everything being offered.

XTribe is airdropping 300 XRBT (~ $15) tokens to max 20,000 participants. Participate in our exclusive airdrop and complete all the required steps and submit the below form to receive your tokens in 3 weeks after the XTribe token sale. You can also get 150 XRBT (~ $7.50) tokens for every referral. ‘ –

X-tribe Tokens

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Caturday v.3


Welcome to Caturday Volume 3

I spent the last 3 days on the road and visiting at the family cottage, had a great time reconnecting with nature and close family members. The cottage is near White Fish Falls Ontario so it is quite a trek from the tricity area.  I dont have much to say about the kitties today, i am a bit whipped and a little iffy from all the boating and dock fishing, I feel like I am swaying with the water still. My cryptokiities arent doing too much at the moment, I believe they are watching the stocks, rick and morty and one of them is preparing his election speech, crazy cats. I dont think i missed too many important drops while I was gone, i’ve caught up on most and have a few to share with the group today. Dont forget to keep an eye on your wallets, omnes token was just distubited. Have a great caturday.

Bytom Gold

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Bytom Gold Token


Miner Edge

Building World’s Largest Crowd-funded Diverse Portfolio Crypto Currency Techno Mining Operation

Blockchain-based Incentive Network

We are building a business that is platform and adoption driven, catering to the needs of businesses and individuals. At its core, the Centive token’s utility is the key driver by building a blockchain-based incentive network that benefits value creators. Sign up and receive 50 Tokens, share your unique referral link to invite your friends, family, and followers. You’ll receive +5 tokens for each person who will fill in the form!

Incentive Token

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Caturday ????

Welcome to another edition of caturday, it’s Saturday that involves a whole bunch of cats and cryptos, we have fun talking about cats and coins, felines and fast coins, you get the hint. Saturdays equal up to pussy and cash! ????

I want to talk a little bit about the Cryptokitty scene again. I went ahead and ventured into the sphere and purchased myself two of the crypto cats, I then made the two cats breed together and have a baby cat, I’ve listed the baby cat for sale for about $5 on the Cryptokitties Marketplace. They definitely have an awesome idea under their clutch. There have already been many other collectible token released as well since the crypto kitties came onto the scene. It looks like it could be a very bright future for crypto kitties and collectibles, if the kids get onto this like they took to pog, hockey cards or stick ball then it has the potential to spread like wild fire. All in all, I’d like to say that the crypto kitties team really has their litter together, and you can see future development for sure coming from this team.

As I mentioned above, i have bred one of my own felines already, i am happy to keep my kitty as they dont have litter boxes or stink like the real ones, but if you feel inclined to join me, and you want a kittycat of your own, why not buy a bender cat? fresh out of the digital womb, heres a link to my lil puss puss mrowwww Kitty ( #903958 ) ; apparently my lil buddy has plans to run for president pussy of the united states. Check it out.



In other events ;

Today is a special day for me, I’ve been drinking black coffee everyday now for the last year-and-a-half, no sugar no cream no nothing, so today, we break that cycle, I am having a tea! Coffee seems to be getting to me earlier in the morning now as I drink 4 or 5 cups of it and then I get a little bit wiry, I just feel like maybe I should take a break for a little bit and give my heart and chest a rest. I don’t know if I’ll make it the whole day, I really fucking love black coffee! Nerves are a bit fucky lately.

In the Crypto Markets today, it seems like we’re getting a little bit of a rebound, Bitcoin is up about 2% almost 3% now since yesterday at this time, ethereum is up about one and a quarter percent and bitcoincash is staying steady at 530 ish USD. if you venture it over to crypto Twitter, you’ll notice that the bitcoincash crew is having a little bit of fluctuation there within their camps, we also have Vitalik (ETH DEV) commenting on bitcoin Craig’s stance regarding the new Bitcoin cash fork – Satoshi’s vision; (BCHSV) which is due by November. Apparently there’s a little bit of hostility between the two of them, a little bit of mud being slung back and forth by monkeys while making a spectacle of the cryptosphere once again.

Also, you may want to know that bitmain – the biggest mining company of Bitcoin cash and Bitcoin has opened shop in the U S of A, what that means for the markets and the sphere we have yet to see, one thing is for sure I hope it drops the price of Miners and people can get machines for a much better deal because it’s going to be American made, we shall see how that will pan out, a lot of major investment firms are denying any sort of relationship with bitmain at this current moment, so we shall see in the future who is backing them with their Venture into American soil, or if it’s all their own money.