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Pundi X team has come out with the X Wallet; which is capable of holding BTC, ETH, BNB, and NPXS. The X Wallet is very user-friendly and offers in-app cryptocurrency bonuses for accomplishing tasks and certain milestones. X Wallet is safe and secure; instead of holding your private keys the wallet app uses the user ID and PW to secure your funds. X Wallet is also capable of processing offline payments thru it’s QR code system, or instant immediate online payments thru internet connected X Wallet or XPASS. The XPASS system is the key to instant merchant payments. Users can also top up their balances at any time, although when topping up please be aware of block times; as there is a certain amount of confirmation required before your balance is credited. The App itself is very easily managed, it features a snappy and refined UI and the bonus section is very rewarding.

CryptoSwagDrop has a great referral to get you started with X Wallet;

Check it out
CryptoSwagDrop Pundi X Wallet Referral


HubrisOne Wallet is a fantastic fresh new wallet project from HubrisOne Technologies out of London, UK. The idea behind their project is to make the HubrisOne Wallet the ‘All-in-one Cryptocurrency account and marketplace‘ app. The HubrisOne Wallet app is quite fresh, and a lot of features are very well described, but just not available at the time of reporting. What is available tho is 10$ worth of HBRS Token to get you started and familiar with the wallet. The HubrisOne Wallet allows you to hold and spend Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Pound or Euro in real-time. HubrisOne wallet also rewards users with cashback incentives in the form of HBRS token; they even pay you when you make a deposit, how nice. Quit fiddling around with old analog wallets; get with the times and get some HBRS tokens at the same time.


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Spanish Coincentrado CryptoSwagShop Review and Promotion

CryptoSwagShop has fantastic affiliates and project supporters. Cryptoswagshop tried to promote themselves internationally, as we ship anywhere in the world. Keep in mind as well, any orders over 50$ receive free shipping. CryptoSwagShop and our good friends over at Coincentrado have a promotional unwrapping of a cryptoswagshop HiveWear Eye of Providence’ sweater to share with fans and users. Coincentrado caters to Spanish speaking individuals, which we feel is crucial to our success.

CryptoSwagShop welcomes everyone and everybody. Coincentrado does amazing reviews and they also carry a rather large social media following. Coincentrado is very much respected for their reviews on cool crypto merchandise and awesome gadgets that make life easier. Interested blog readers and enthusiasts can check out their official Twitter page and also their official youtube page as well.

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Buy Crypto in Canada with Shakepay

Looking a way to purchase crypto in Canada without paying astronomical fees? Wanna use interact, credit card or other cryptocurrencies to make a trade? Look no furtherShake pay my friend. CryptoSwagShop recommends you look into Shake pay from all your Canadian Cryptocurrency needs.

Note: If you use CryptoSwagShop’s link and purchase more than 100$ of crypto, both parties will receive a credit of $30 to their accounts.

The easiest way for Canadians to buy and sell bitcoin

—–>   Buy Crypto in Canada with Shakepay <—–

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CryptoSwagDrop Recommended Wallets

Today the blog is gonna cover the first stepping stone to cryptocurrencies as there have been many questions about the different airdrops and tokens being discussed on our platforms. So to help navigate the landscape CryptoSwagDrop is gonna cover a few of the main blockchains and their cooresponding wallets.

As always, we like to share our an album to listen to while you gloss over the blog entry, so lets crank up some Faine Jade and their fantastic 1968 released album titled Introspection

Let’s dive into this shall we. First of we’ll start with the big cheese, BITCOIN aka BTC.

Bitcoin is an SHA-256 cryptocurrency and the encryption method is a member of the SHA-2 cryptographic hash functions designed by the NSA. Bitcoin was the first decentralized cryptocurrency to gain mass adoption, for the most part so far, we’re working on that. Many ‘forks’ of Bitcoin have come since, many forks of bitcoin have come along since, in different forms of encryption and hashing algorithms. The main considered fork of bitcoin has been Bitcoin cash, which itself has been forked as well. CryptoSwagDrops could go on about the forks all day, so if you interested in that perhaps do a little more research on your own, for this blog’s purpose we are covering how to safely store many of these coins.  To hold Bitcoin, or Bitcoin cash you need the corresponding wallet, has a fantastic wallet. The bitcoin/bitcoin cash wallet is available on the play store or on the app store. The reason CryptoSwagDrops recommends this wallet, is because it was created and designed by the same devs that work on the blockchain. Also, having a personal wallet like this means that you control the private keys to the wallet, instead of holding your coins on an exchange. If the exchange gets hacked and insolvent, there go your funds. It is always best to hold your coins in your own personal wallet. Head over to to grab a Bitcoin and BitcoinCash wallet. 

Grab Bitcoin / Bitcoin Cash Wallet

Next up, let’s talk about all this crazy erc20, erc721, eth token, eth, token, etc nonsense. CryptoSwagShop is sure if you’re reading this blog you likely are interested in the airdrop phenomena sweeping the landscape. A lot of these projects are written on the ethereum blockchain, so they require an ethereum wallet. There is mass confusion with the different tokens, the way to send, the way to receive etc. It can be quite overwhelming when you dive in. Let’s try and keep this simple. Ethereum blockchain has many fantastic use cases, one of which is the ability for project devs to write tokens on the back of the blockchain, issuing their own cryptocurrency as a second layer on top of an existing blockchain. That adds instant chain security and mass mining of any token written on the chain. With all that in mind, it’s no wonder a lot these tokens are being spammed on the ethereum blockchain, not to mention now we have other types of tokens such as the ERC721 which is more like a collectible game token with a serial number issued on the blockchain, it is rare, but it is digital so physical interaction is limited to your wallet and decentralized app compatible device. This may all be a lot to take in as well, so like I said simple is the key. CryptoSwagShop recommends using the Trust wallet on your iOS or Android device, and we also recommend the metamask wallet for desktop devices. Both wallets will hold all the mentioned eth blockchain tokens, as well as ethereum itself. Here is a huge helping tip that many new folks don’t realize, your receiving wallet address can be used for ETH and all ERC20/721 tokens transfers, no need to make multiple addresses and multiple wallets. When someone asks you for your token or ethereum wallet address, it’s the same. It usually starts with a 0x then followed by random alphanumeric. That is your receiving wallet address for all eth related tokens. Make sure you write down your 12 seed pneumonic phrase, those are like the keys to your car, nothing moves without those keys. If you lose that phrase, you are how the French say, FUCT! So be careful, and for fuck’s sake don’t share those keys with anyone!

Grab Metamask for desktop.

Grab Trustwallet for mobile.

All this typing is taking a toll. So let’s get onto the last blockchain wallet I would like to cover today, Stellar XLM wallets. Same idea as the others, but a different algorithm and encryption once again. Getting a bit hairy eh? Don’t worry you’ll catch on. Stellar is pretty cool, and a lot of neat tokens and projects are coming to light on the XLM chain, some of which are KAVAcoin, ADBT, and the recently released Hopecoin, which we actually just covered in our airdrop section a couple days ago, hope everyone that caught that is enjoying their Hope coins. If you didn’t have a way to get that drop, here’s your chance to grab that wallet for the next XLM drop. CryptoSwagDrop recommends the LOBSTR wallet, they have a mobile app as well as a desktop client that you can access. They provide you with your 12-word seed so that you control the coins, not them. Inside that wallet you may trade as well, which is a nice feature – you don’t have to send your coins anywhere, just switch them up in the wallet in real-time @ current market values. Awesome. 

Grab the Lobstr wallet and enjoy the XLM blockchain’s features. 

There are many others we could cover, a insider’s tip to the guy’s that read this far, these three are great, but don’t forget about TRON….. heh, Stay cool cats. God Bless. 

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BTSG BitSong Airdrop

BTSG BitSong Airdrop

The team over at BitSong has come up with a spectacular blockchain use application, BitSong is going to claim the title as ‘the first decentralized music streaming platform’. CryptoSwagDrops thinks this is fantastic news for the industry! According to their website, BitSong is a brand spanking new streaming service being offered and will be built on the blockchain and use the interplanetary file system (IPFS) technology as well. The music industry has become a cesspool for money hungry sharks to make their money off the backs of the new spears or Bieber, but times are changing quickly, with the invention of the blockchain we are starting to see a lot of power struggles, some serious moaning and groaning from the ‘old money’ institutions in place, and the music industry is not excluded from this list. Perhaps, a look down memory lane and how much artists were paid for their music over the years, sure some make some large payday but there is always the constant groans over management, sharing profits, royalties, penned named royalties, etc. BitSong plans to change that by placing the power in the hands of the artists, listeners and platform users. According to their website, ‘BitSong is a project dedicated to musicians and their fans, which aims to overcome the bureaucratic and economic obstacles within this industry and reward artists and users for simply using the platform’.


Grab 200 BTSG from BitSong


Another GREAT feature of this platform is the ability to provide a launching pad for upcoming artists, according to the website, ‘Artists will be able to produce songs in which an advertiser can attach advertisements’, also, ‘users can access funds artists via the Bitsong token; the BTSG will be credited to the artist wallet immediately and they will be able to withdraw or convert as they see fit’. So no more waiting on the damn record label to check you a small piece of the pie. Check your sales, fan base, downloads, and all analytics that matter to you thru the Bitsong platform, no more guessing if anyone is actually listening to you, and all of these statistics are packed nicely into their application. Whether you are an artist looking to make waves in the industry in real time, or a listener looking for the next Wayne Newton. BitSong seems to be the disruptive service the industry needs, check them out as the clock is ticking on this one guy. 


As of writing this article, a quick check on the BitSong website shows that there is only just over 1 day left to get in on this, and the team has already reached their soft cap of 4000 ETH, WOW. Their Hardcap is 7000, so get in there and get some BTSG! Wanna check out the slick whitepaper?