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Messenger added to CryptoSwagShop

Just a quick heads up for our customers and future site users. Cryptoswagshop has integrated their facebook messenger api bot into the site. When you visit the site in the bottom right hand corner you will see a facebook messenger icon, if you click that you can chat with our admin system via our website. This gives us an edge when dealing with customers and requests. If anyone has any questions or comments, leave it below or hit the icon 😉

Have a great weekend folks.

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CryptoSwagHive Colony

Bender here, just a quick heads up, we’ve installed the back-end for our CryptoSwagHive community. More info to come tomorrow as we polish the system.


The CryptoSwagHive

The hive mirrors a real life bee colony in deaign. Each CryptoSwagHive user is referred to as a worker Bee, with CryptoSwagHive being our main hive. Bees (users) who join our hive and contribute will be rewarded for his or her contribution to the Hive with pollen dust. Pollen dust can then be traded for special site access, profile unlocks, or may be converted to our in-house token CryptoSwagCoin, which is also in the womb state Atm.


More info to come in the future; in the meantime the hive is swarming, go ahead and join our colony, pollen dust will be rewarding when the system is fully implemented. Thanks for your time.


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Just to let every one know, i’ve integrated a bunch of social media controls to allow users to share our experience, i’ve added hit counters around the site as well, BIG NEWS if you dont have your own translation software I have now included a language translation option in the sidebar. I’ve also added more to the contact section with all of our social media links and a place to directly message system operator. Thanks for reading.



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Save time on your next drive

Not exactly crypto related , but very useful app to get driving directions that update instantly to avoid traffic, police, crashes and more. started using this app about a week ago, it’s been great it totally replaces Google Maps, it has much more customization and options available, and you can set up your own account to keep track of everything you’ve ever done in the app. Download the Waze app, it’s free: , you can add me as a contact in the app – benderrobot7 is my username. Enjoy.