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Hump Day

Daaaaaz roite!

So first off, let me apologize for missing yesterday’s blog entry, I was up early at like 5 am and then passed out on the couch until almost noon ; so I missed the sweet spot when I like to post my blog entry ; threw the whole day out of whack, I ended up back in bed by 7:30pm and once again I’m up @ 3 AM… I used to work nightshift; now that I am not on that horrible torture schedule anymore, I am awake nice and early and in bed at a significant time; what a different lifestyle, I am done with the night terrors. I didn’t get too many airdrops completed yesterday and I most likely will be out of the office today; heading to Sauble beach with the damn fam. 

So, let’s get some free shit while we can, eh?


Huobi Exchange
Invite your friends to register Huobi and easily get fee cashback

Get 30% of the fee as cashback on that day

????OODLE Bits
 – OodleBit Exchange

Sign up with the telegram bot and get 50 OODLEBITS, sign up on the website and get another 40, share your referral link to earn 5 OODL coins for each registered user!

????BitFam100 BFM (+ ref)

Bifam is a digital blockchain village utilizing the power of the internet and blockchain technology to create a self-sustaining community of people with various skills and role in a unique PROOF OF WORK (POW) system which creates wealth and mutually benefits all community members.

 – 100 TROBO (+ ref)

Traderobo aims to facilitate trading decisions through applied natural-language processing, sentiment analysis, and machine learning algorithms. Built as a micro-services based distributed architecture, its primary function is to analyze large volumes of data and provide clear trading indicators to the client in real-time.

 Ah man, went to take a break between drops, my puppy took a crap on my carpet at some point, nothing like cold dog shit between your toes @ 6 AM…

????COINDY – 130 CODY + 1 ETH!

” Professional candy exchange platform, Registration can get 1 ETH + 100 CODY!
That’s right! 1 ETH! 1 ETH! 1 ETH!
Invite friends to register for an extra 500 CODY
Add customer service WeChat: single_64 to get 3000 more CODY
CODY can exchange other tokens on platform!

– The above is the advertisement they would like me to promote, sez 1 FULL ETH!!! they did credit my account 1 ETH, but it is not available for withdrawing yet, so we shall see. Lots of neat stuff here, however.

1. Invite 5 friends to register on website to get the candy award of 500 CODY. The award can be collected after all 5 friends complete KYC.

2. Top 3 inviters will get awards as First 2000 CODY, second 1500 CODY and third 1000 CODY.

3. CODY can be used to exchange tokens on Coindy platform, CODY has been listed on CoinEx exchange, and can be traded on CoinEx.

4. It is forbidden to cheat, all awards will be canceled if cheating is discovered.

5. Invitation cheating is forbidden, once it is discovered, it will cancel all awards.


15,000 BNDL Earn up to 15,000 BNDL tokens (estimated value ~$ 1,500 ) + 1,500,000 Beta$, Crypto-investing available to everyone, One click. Hundreds of cryptos. Zero fees. CoinBundle is the easiest way for people to invest in cryptocurrencies responsibly. We take all the hard work out of investing, letting you build your portfolio according to your needs.

????BINEX.TRADE – 1 BEX (+1 per ref)

Here’s how it works:
1) Each user can refer any other users to this program.
2) To refer other users, you have to share the referred link above
3) User have to use this link while Signup.
4) The user who uses this referral link will get Bonus BEX (1st 60K user will get 5, 100K user will get 3 and 400K users will get 1 BEX respectively).
5) Once signup process is done you will get 1 BEX as referral Bonus.
6) The user who uses this referral link will also get 5% discount on his/her purchase of BEX tokens.
7) On each purchase from referred user, you as a referrer will get 5% BEX.