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HOPE Coin Air Drop


“Hope Coin is the first digital token that gives you and lets you share Hope”

HOPE coin is an upcoming crypto-token written on the XLM Stellar Blockchain. The team over at HOPE coin has created 7.6 Billion HOPE coins, equal to the number of people that are on the Earth ATM. Each token represents you and I, well I guess that is two tokens, you get the idea tho right? HOPE token is a stellar token so you will need a stellar holding wallet to receive the airdrop, most of the airdrop that cryptoswagdrop provides deals mainly with the ethereum wallet, and we always recommend TRUST, but this is different in this case Cryptoswagdrops recommends grabbing the LOBSTR wallet. Once you have the wallet you are eligible to receive some HOPE, and once you do, you can share, send, sell and trade your HOPE, huh.

The Team over at HOPE Coin likes to stay transparent, so they have laid out their distribution map for the token.

Token Distribution

30% – Founding Team

25% – Marketing and Community

35% – Charity

10%  – Free tokens (airdrops, giveaways, etc)


“The Wall of HOPE lets you express and share your messages of hope with the world.”

According to the HOPE team, they have an awesome use case scenario, The Wall of Hope. According to the website, The Wall of Hope is described as follows :

  • Submit your personal hopes, wishes or dreams to the Wall of HOPE (here)
  • A submission will require 1 Hope Coin (HOPE).
  • Your hope will be published here after review …
  • … and cross-posted to Twitter by Hope Coin with the hashtag #WallofHOPE.

Hope Coin will only permit positive, aspirational, uplifting, and/or encouraging content. Any kind of hate speech, defamation, obscenity, or clear promotional submissions will be rejected.If all of this interests you, sign up thru our affiliate link and get at least 1000 free HOPE coins, if that doesn’t satisfy your craving, then you can earn more HOPE via social media referrals, sharing their message of hope and interacting with the community. Also, within the LOBSTR wallet, you may exchange your tokens for others as well. HOPE Coin will also be listed on some decentralized XLM exchanges such as stellarport, blockeq, stellarterm and many other SDEXs (Stellar distributed Exchanges).

There is some fiddling you have to do with your wallet in order to receive the HOPE DROP, you must add a trust line to your wallet so you can receive then, in your wallet, add an asset, the domain is and the token symbol is HOPE. For more information check out the airdrop website.



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OODL Oodle Coin Giveaway

Oodle Coin (OODL) Coin is a newly minted ERC-20 exchange utility token, with a total supply of 200,000,00 OODL(s). The coin is going to be used for its utility function on the exchange Oodlebit.comOODL is a tradable cryptocurrency that gives its users utility on the Oodlebit platform. Early distribution of the token is set as follows; 50% of total supply to early investors, while the other 50% going to the public. Oodlebit Exchange has also issued a buyback agreement notice, which reads as follows:

‘Every profitable quarter we will take 10% of Oodlebit’s net profits and buy back OODL coins from the open market until we have reached 50 Million Coins. The coins we purchase will be destroyed with the OODL burn contract decreasing the overall coin supply.’


With that in mind, it’s a great time to get in early and get some free Oodle Coins. Also with Oodlebit‘s referral program; each successful signup you bring to the exchange will pay you another 5 OODL coins.



OodleBit Exchange is set to have btc, ltc, eos, bch, and many popular trading pairs. OodleBits will be tradable against all currencies, and your account automatically qualifies for flat-fee trading when you choose to pay in OODL coins. No matter how large any single trade is, your trade fee will never exceed $20 USD as long as you pay it with OODL!

The Oodlebit team is working hard to launch the Oodlebit Exchange by early 2019. If you are interested in helping them with beta testing please email them at [email protected]

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CoinBundle Airdrop

Coinbundle has a great airdrop event in effect currently. Sign up thru our referral link and then invite your friends and earn up to 15,000 BNDL tokens (estimated value ~$ 1,500 ) + 1,500,000 Beta$. Share your unique invitation link with your friends through social networks, email or messaging platforms and be rewarded. You will both receive 100 BNDL and 10,000 Beta$ once they sign up for Coinbundle and verify their account. The rewards are very generous, Coinbundle seems to be a very active company in the cryptosphere as well. Make sure to check this banger out, free money is the best kind of money.
Coinbundle also has another promotion going on at the moment, Get $5 for your first investment of $100.