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Upcoming Festivus Products

CryptoSwagShop has started up their gear up for the winter sale with all in-shop hoodies on sale and free shipping on orders over 50$ which is fine and dandy; ‘but sir, what shall we eat on?‘ good question little Tim. Cryptoswagshop has you covered this year, expect some nice new products upcoming, which include 5″ and 6″ swaggy plates just in time for Timmy to have some plates to host Festivus. CryptoSwagShop will be adding more mugs, 6 oz 11 oz coffee mugs as well as 12 oz and 17 oz latte cups in the coming future. Also, keep your eyes out for upcoming headwear as well.

Thanks for your time.


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How to Make Cannabis Infused Tea (the easy way)

What the F#@k is going on now?

With legalization already in place in the fine country of Canada and that bitter cold asshole, Jack Frost is nipping at our unmentionables Cryptoswagshop would like to share an experiment with our reading base. What is our favorite in-house Blogger (Bender) is going to test and blog about today? Are you ready for it? Cheap Canadian Cannabis Coffee Press Infused Tea! Excited? We sure hope so.

So to begin with our experiment, and yes adults, you can follow along at home with Bender. 


1 x 4$ Coffee Press from any Canadian Dollarama store (photo)

1 x bag of Organic Chamomile Tea ; please don’t ask for a photo

.7 grams of high THC (22-24%) Flower, available in Ontario from the Ontario Cannabis Store

9 oz of R/O water, or tap water if you wanna be hillbilly about it.


First off, throw on your personal favorite psychedelic rock album, for this example, Bender is using the album Grannie actually by the artist Grannie. 🙂 If you wanna use the same soundtrack for this experience go ahead and press play below and keep this page open.


Now that there are tunes involved, things will go much more smoothly. Go ahead grind, chop, macerate the flowers as much as you can, scissors, grinder, large knife and chopping board can be used, really whatever what you find to grind that flower up. Bender lucked out and purchased a grinder from the Ontario Cannabis Store ahead of time along with his flowers for this experiment. Ontario Cannabis Store really does carry a fantastic selection, Cryptoswagshop recommends you check them out.

Once you have your flowers ground up, dump the flowers into the coffee press, also, go ahead and open up one bag of tea as well and dump the content into there as well. So the ratio is .7 grams to 1 tea bag. 

One does not just make tea without water. Boil that water up, you maybe want to add a little more than 9 oz of water, Bender ultimate turned up with 7 oz(s) after the magic, which the new world refers to as evaporation occurred.

Once the water is boiled nice and hot, go ahead and pour it into the press as well. Let it sit and steep for about 1 minute, then go ahead and press it down to get your wonderful tea mixture. Please allow the mixture to sit sometime, the contents will be extremely hot; hot water burn baby.  After about 2 minutes, add whatever it is you like to add to your coffee or tea, although Bender recommends no additives.

Bender drank his straight up, as with all his hot beverages, that guy doesn’t use or dairy or sugar in the coffee. 

There are different spins that you can put on this experiment.  Many do recommend that you make a butter substance, by boiling butter in a pan with the flowers to cause decarboxylation of the carbon matter. Cryptoswagshop recommends you try this option first, please do allow about 4 hours for the tea to actually give you the beneficial effects you desire. As of the time of writing this article, it has been 3 hours since ingestion for Bender. Things are going great, although we may have heard enough Grannie in the office for some time.

Anyways, we hope you enjoyed our write up on How to Make Cannabis Infused Tea (the easy way).

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