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Gods Unchained Giveaway

Unlock a Golden Blessed Chimera and enter to win $10,000 in packs!

Sign up thru our referral system, Gods Unchained Giveaway Contest. Generate and share your link thru social media and you will receive 10% of all pack purchases made by people who use your link. The referral and transfer are automatic and occurs through the smart contract.
* This giveaway is intended to reward those who are genuine supporters of what we’re looking to accomplish with Gods Unchained.

Gods Unchained Giveaway Contest

Gods Unchained is the ethereum blockchain’s first e-sport gaming system. It is based a fast-paced multi-player turn-based gaming system. The rewards are abundantly spiced with winner boards and extremely rare collectibles in the form of ERC 720 decentralized ownership; your cards are yours to keep and no one else’s. All your of rewards, your purchases and rarities etc. are written into the blockchain so they accounted for when you log in. If you don’t have any previous experience with this type of application or with any blockchain application; don’t worry, Gods Unchained is set up so users with no experience require no new scientific explanation from the neighbor’s kid, although, Cryptoswagshop is sure that they will know how to play this soon enough and will be able to explain it.

Gods Unchained has a lot more technical information on their website if you would like to dwell into it. The contest is open until 10/30/2018. The actual game is set to start sometime this year, updates can be found thru their social media links.

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