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Cancer Institute Finally Admits Marijuana Kills Cancer

Does THC kill Cancer?

EhealthMagazine wrote an interesting article on the effects on cancer from marijuana. Sent to us by family, the article is dated July 2018; so it is a little dated at this point but none the less. The article confirms what the grass route’s and Hippies knew all along, that THC in marijuana is responsible for killing cancer. Our main blogger Bender has gone on about this for some time, apparently, the THC in the cannabis attacks the free radicals in disrupted systems and cause the bad cells to commit apoptosis; which is the process of cellular self-suicide. To quote the first paragraph, “In August 2015, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) released a report on their website which stated, “Marijuana kills cancer”. Yes, you read that right – marijuana kills cancer.” , if you support legalization and the marijuana movement, this article is definitely a good read. If you are new to the cannabis regime and the benefits, then the article is must read for you.

Check out the article here – EhealthMagazine Article

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If you are new to cannabis and its effects, the Ontario Cannabis store has some great information on the effects you should expect. Although the description they give can be a little alarming, Cryptoswagshop does recommend you consult with your physician before endeavoring on new adventures. Make sure you have a spot buddy around or perhaps a seasoned stoner. As with everything in life, moderation is the key and to remember that not everything on the planet is designed for everybody on the planet, some things will affect others much different than it may affect yourself, so take caution. If you are new to cannabis if you are an avid indulger, high 5 brothers and sisters, blaze on. 

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