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End of Year reflections

Change of Reflections

Change comes from the inside. If you’ve been struggling with something, take some time to yourself to reflect and ask yourself, ‘how can I approach this situation from the core of myself‘, not, how can the universe change to provide for me? Why would the universe change? If you aren’t changing yourself. Change comes from the inside, as you turn on the spiritual light inside of yourself, you become aware and you are able to see where you are and where you need to be.

There are always going to be hiccups, and no one is ever really going to know what you are trying to say, words are inert, they’re just symbols. Be humble and reserved with your wording around others, take the time to formalize your thoughts and what your intent is in your own time during bouts of reflection and meditation, and when you before the council, trust that your faith and practice will guide you to say the right things for the right people.

“If words had to be bought by human beings, No one would wish to trumpet his own praises. But since one can get words sans any payment From lofty ether, everyone delights In speaking truth or falsehood of himself, For he can do it with impunity”