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Tuesday 09 04 18

Welcome to another Tuesday edition of the CryptoSwagBlog, we have some interesting airdrops today, I have yard work I have to finish up so I am trying to rake up some early tokens before I tackle that. Hopefully, everyone has been watching their wallets, ZPR & MIB were distributed to contributors today, enjoy the free tokens. Keep in mind when you are doing these airdrops that not all of them give instant return, some of these promotions are still in the early ICO (initial coin offering) stage meaning that they are still being sold to the early investors the fact that we are getting free coins is fantastic but for most of these airdrops, the spoils go to the investors first, once they are able to claim their tokens and run a muck then usually the airdrops are distributed, which is sometimes a good thing because some investors will eat themselves to drop the price to invoke others to dump as well so they can get a better position, so many times the coins dip out of the gates, it is up to you what you do with your tokens, but I do recommend to just hold them and see what happens with each project. Use your own discretion giving and selling these babies, as we live in a fractal universe and these guys will eventually inflate if they have a solid development team behind them.


Miracle Tele


Well, these guys make it a hell of a lot easier to advertise when they give you promotional advertisement graphics, lol so here is a clickable banner + 100 TELE TOKENS, you will receive your tokens immediately to your account, then you can stake you TELE tokens for euros, the ROI depends on the investment value and time frame.

Efir Qz Giveaway

Efir P2P Platform

Apply for our Bounty program with 3,000,000 QZ

Bounty ends when the exchange is over

Bounty Rules

The Bounty pool accounts for 3% of the total number of QZ tоkеns issued. Therefore, when the hard cap is reached the Bounty pool will account for 3 mln QZ tоkеns (513.75 ЕTH). Bounty pool is distributed as follows: 66.7% (2M QZ) – Bounty for Youtube bloggers and media; 33.3% (1M QZ) – Bounty for the community.

Becent Exchange

Highly Secured + Stable Trading Service

Technology Architecture – High Concurrency, High Scalability, High Stability and Secure-oriented

Safeguard – Skynet Defense System, professional security protection team, Skilled protection architecture, rich actual defense experience, providing multi-level protection for the platform.

Sign up and get 400 BCT immediately, plus 200 per referral.

Becent Exchange

[AIC Exchange] How to register BitForex


AI Blockchain for Decentralized Economy

All bounty rewards will be distributed after the 30th of September. Please note that our 2nd Round Bounty Program is only applicable to our new bounty participants. For those that have already joined our 1st Round’s Bounty, let us give a chance to the newcomers, shall we? 😉

Link to sign up instructions and blog from the developer



Oodlebit Exchange

Oodlebit is a U.S. based business founded in 2018 by Nicholas Dooley. Aiming to provide users with a fast, fair, and secure digital asset trading platform by utilizing the best technologies, the most talented people, and by continuously pursuing the input of the community.  Share your referral link to earn 5 OODL coins for each registered user! Get your referral link from the Oodlebit Telegram bot here:


Image result for abcc exchange jpg

ABCC Crypto Asset Exchange

ABCC Crypto Asset Exchange

Todays Exchange Stats

Platform Rewards to Be Distributed Today = 252844 .12 USDT

Total circulating AT eligible for rewards: 23,296,004 

Daily Rewards of 1000 AT = 7 .75 USDT(estimated at today’s %)

Daily AT Rewards Rate 0.59%

Platform Rewards Distributed Yesterday = 271996 .07 USDT or 36.95408013 BTC

Cumulative Platform Rewards Distributed = 15723402 .26 USDT or 2136.22153533 BTC

Terms and Conditions

1. Date: July 9th, 2018 – October 8th, 2018

2. Trade-to-Mine: AT rewards = Total AT released within the block * proportion of trading contribution

3. Earn 20% from Level 1 Referral and 10% from Level 2 Referral for their trading fees. The referee can also enjoy an extra 10% of his trading fees.

4. The definition of a valid referral: your referral must register and activate his ABCC account.

5. You can earn extra rewards based on the mining contribution generated by your referrals within 90 days.

6. When you have valid referrals, your referral rewards will be calculated in AT and get deposited to your ABCC account the next day.

7. Your referral must register via your invitation code or link.

8. You will be disqualified if suspicious activities are detected during the campaign. ABCC reserves the final explanation for this campaign.

ABCC Token (AT) is available now! Invitation code: a17bea. Trade-to-Mine and earn AT rewards. Earn 20% from your Level 1 Referral and 10% from your Level 2 Referral for their trading fees. The referee can also enjoy an extra 10% of his trading fees. Sign up here – ABCC exchange