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Monday Morning Funnies and Choons

Waking up to another Monday.

CryptoSwagShop is located up in North America, in the little village of Canada. This week weather-wise is looking to be a little bit less brutal than last week, not so cold in other words. This morning isn’t too bad, fresh and welcoming, let’s start it off with some comics and tunes. CryptoSwagDrops has already blessed us with some information on new EVAIO EVA token system that integrates with electric car vehicles, pretty impressive technology coming out lately, powered by the blockchain, thank you very much!

There has been some market talk lately as well, although the markets don’t seem to be performing the way the news should affect it; such as the case was in the old days. I believe this shows that the market is maturing, and the neighsayers from back a few years ago will have to eat their own words and regurgitate some bullshit about how they always knew bitcoin WASN’T a bubble. The silent treatment we are all going thru in the markets while the news is brewing is because a lot of investment firms have now offered clients the OTC (over the counter) purchasing method, which keeps their sales off of the exchange ledgers, and more behind scenes; let’s call it silent accumulation by interested invested hidden parties; bears can only hold the market down for so long in spite of the climbing kinetic energy growing in the public domain sector of cryptos.

“The Sleeping Bull is Silently Awakening”


Let us hope that this week brings some well forecasted nice weather and a healthy market set up for the upcoming bull run. Stay cool cats.

Bender R.


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