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BTSG BitSong Airdrop

BTSG BitSong Airdrop

The team over at BitSong has come up with a spectacular blockchain use application, BitSong is going to claim the title as ‘the first decentralized music streaming platform’. CryptoSwagDrops thinks this is fantastic news for the industry! According to their website, BitSong is a brand spanking new streaming service being offered and will be built on the blockchain and use the interplanetary file system (IPFS) technology as well. The music industry has become a cesspool for money hungry sharks to make their money off the backs of the new spears or Bieber, but times are changing quickly, with the invention of the blockchain we are starting to see a lot of power struggles, some serious moaning and groaning from the ‘old money’ institutions in place, and the music industry is not excluded from this list. Perhaps, a look down memory lane and how much artists were paid for their music over the years, sure some make some large payday but there is always the constant groans over management, sharing profits, royalties, penned named royalties, etc. BitSong plans to change that by placing the power in the hands of the artists, listeners and platform users. According to their website, ‘BitSong is a project dedicated to musicians and their fans, which aims to overcome the bureaucratic and economic obstacles within this industry and reward artists and users for simply using the platform’.


Grab 200 BTSG from BitSong


Another GREAT feature of this platform is the ability to provide a launching pad for upcoming artists, according to the website, ‘Artists will be able to produce songs in which an advertiser can attach advertisements’, also, ‘users can access funds artists via the Bitsong token; the BTSG will be credited to the artist wallet immediately and they will be able to withdraw or convert as they see fit’. So no more waiting on the damn record label to check you a small piece of the pie. Check your sales, fan base, downloads, and all analytics that matter to you thru the Bitsong platform, no more guessing if anyone is actually listening to you, and all of these statistics are packed nicely into their application. Whether you are an artist looking to make waves in the industry in real time, or a listener looking for the next Wayne Newton. BitSong seems to be the disruptive service the industry needs, check them out as the clock is ticking on this one guy. 


As of writing this article, a quick check on the BitSong website shows that there is only just over 1 day left to get in on this, and the team has already reached their soft cap of 4000 ETH, WOW. Their Hardcap is 7000, so get in there and get some BTSG! Wanna check out the slick whitepaper?