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Ginger Baker’s Air Force 2 (1970)

Ginger Baker’s Air Force 2

It’s Friday folks, let’s take it up a notch!

Bender would like to recommend an amazing album to our followers, that he claims not too many cats know of.

‘the more the merrier’ – bender

One of the super groups from the 70’s that maybe did miss some attention, looking at the line-up, Holy Shit!

Ginger Baker: drums, timpani, tubular bells, African drums, vocals Ken Craddock: guitars, Hammond organ, piano, vocals Colin Gibson: bass guitar Graham Bond: alto saxophone, Hammond organ, piano, vocals Steve Gregory: tenor saxophone, flutes Bud Beadle: baritone, alto & tenor saxophones Diane Stewart: vocals Catherine James: vocals Neemoi “Speedy” Acquaye: drums, percussion, African drums Additional personnel Denny Laine: guitars, piano, vocals Rick Grech : bass guitar Harold McNair: tenor & alto saxophones, flutes Aliki Ashman: vocals Rocki Dzidzornu: percussion, conga

I was sold at Ginger Baker. Enjoy.


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Site Updates

Well, what do you think of the new set up? … Cryptoswagshop has replaced the current theme with the Woo StoreFront Theme, it seems to have a few integration perks coded into it that other themes don’t. The new look is a bit unpolished at the moment, expect in the coming days for it to materialize into a solid stately looking site as coders are working around the clock on it. The menus are a bit chunky IMO (bender). Ah well, I am sure it will come together, right coders?  😉

Pollen is live – although very quietly buzzing away as details are still being ironed out. Cryptoswagteam is in talks with to get the token information correct on the Etherscan platform, accordingly to our source at Etherscan, this should be in the coming days. We have the green light to distribute the tokens, so if you are only of the lucky early birds to be in on this, go ahead and drop your ethereum wallet below and get 100 pollen for absolutely free.

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As I mentioned before the airdrops are very quiet at the moment, as all energy is being focused on the backend coding, even myself – the marketing blogger feller, has had to lend a hand and I suck at the code and that sort of crap, leave that for the others. Anyways, Enjoy your weekend guys!