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Caturday v.5

It is Caturday once again, a special day for our crew. Today is filled with cats and Saturday. According to many; Saturday is the Sabbath day in the Bible – a day for no work and all leisure! Lightbulb! I am guessing way back in the 2nd century when the Romans decided upon this, there was a cat who had the final say on Caturday, perhaps a descendant of grumpy cat?

Happy Caturday

Great day for some R&R and perhaps a little bit of the beach boys?  Good vibrations; and on that note,  I would like to point out that Cryptoswagshop’s main vein is located in beautiful Ontario, Canada. Our beauty rural county and surrounding area are 18 days away from legalization of marijuana and high-grade catnip. All us Cats and Bees should be happy, the walls are falling and the world is embracing the movement. I would like to ask a simple question, would the bees like to see more marijuana influenced products? We at crypto swag believe that your body is a temple, and it is yours to map out while you are on the earth realm, if you decide that marijuana is for you, then crypto swag absolutely accepts that and supports your choice, and would like your blessing to promote the green leaf of God on our site. If there is no opposition and no one is complaining then we will continue with the herbal embrace, and stop to infuse our cryptos with our leaves, Hive wear is our ground platform clothing company, but how about something more herbal? Hemp clothing, hemp wear, infusions with hive wear and hemp, let us see how October 18th treats all us Cats and Bees – you may see some fantastic products in the near future.

As far as the Airdrops go today, we haven’t been able to collect focus on that section. Our guy is on holidays at the moment, and we don’t have a back-up. If anyone reading this would like a job collecting our airdrops and promoting them, drop us a line @ [email protected] and let us know what your qualifications, background, connections etc. are in the field. We may have opening positions.

What can bender offer us for airdrops today, you might ask…

Pollen, baby, POLLEN! Drop you ETH address in comments. Ciao.


p.s. maybe don’t click this; or do – your call –