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2019 New Year Update


Hope everyone had a productive 2018, time to build on our projects and their emotional attachments in the New Year. Going forward CryptoSwagShop would like to share some New Years News with everybody.


CryptoSwagShop now ships for free… Hold on a second, did that come out right? CryptoSwagShop now ships for free!!! Much better. That’s right folks, CryptoSwagShop has decided to eat the shipping charge themselves and pass the savings onto the customer. Going forward CryptoSwagShop will be dropping UPS as a shipment solution, as overseas costs as astronomical for them, one teeshirt to Thailand, 98$ in shipping? LMAO. Anyways, DHL and discount shipment solutions coming into effect, more news to come as that aligns itself and the results start coming in on different shipment solutions.

New Dropship Items from international suppliers

On top of new shipping solutions, CryptoSwagShop has to know aligned themselves closely with their worldwide dropshipping affiliates. In the shop section, customers will now see many more categories and products popping up almost daily. CryptoSwagShop has struck a deal with international suppliers for quality custom and branded products. CryptoSwagShop feels our suppliers meet the quality and cost demand of our customers. Our international affiliates welcome the business and provide fast trackable shipping solutions. On top of our already popular custom CryptoSwagShop gear, our in-house clothing lines 420 and Hivewear; CryptoSwagShop is pleased to offer an amazing vast selection of quality low-cost products. Keep your eye on the store to see the new items flooding in.

CryptoSwagShop now sells cryptocurrency mining gear

This is a huge update for our customers and staff. CryptoSwagShop has struck a deal with international suppliers to allow us inexpensive access to bitcoin mining machines and solutions. On top of that, they ship for free as well, our suppliers pay the shipping fee. However, customers are responsible for the customs import charge to their country as it is not calculatable on our end. CryptoSwagShop has a sale on for the Antminer T9+ from our friends across seas; allowing us to offer you fantastic deals; If you were thinking of getting into the mining race, now is your chance. Please check out the listing for more information and details.

The site has been transformed back to its original color format as well. Brand new graphics are littered on the website as well, and our social media accounts have been updated to reflect the changes as well.

Well, that is it, folks, CryptoSwagShop appreciates the support and readership, and going forward we will have much more cool shit to reveal to our fanbase.

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