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Weekly Recap 08/05-08/12/18



$ ௹ ¥ ₠ ₡ ₩ ₨ ₧ ₾ ꠸ ﷼ ₮ ₯ ₹ ৳ ₭ ₢ ₡
‘it’s all about those Benjamins baby’
– pdiddy


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Monday Monday Monday ….

“The Old Stoic” 
Emily Brontë 
Riches I hold in light esteem, 
And Love I laugh to scorn; 
And lust of fame was but a dream 
That vanish’d with the morn; 
And if I pray, the only prayer 
That moves my lips for me 
Is, “Leave the heart that now I bear, 
And give me liberty!”
 Yes, as my swift days near their goal, 
’Tis all that I implore: 
In life and death a chainless soul, 
With courage to endure.
Well, its the start of new week, Moday used to be my least favorite day (most likely because growing up I was a huge garfield fan, that cat fucken hates monday) ; but now, i think I hate them all the same.. Don’t we sound enthusiast about Mondays? Have a good week people.. 😛 Onto the airdrops ….

Guarium Drop – 1000’s of GUAR Tokens (with a change to will a huge amount)

GUARIUM will be a B2B and B2C platform connecting producers, wholesalers, online stores and clients.

Extent Medium Article – Bobbit6k – Extent Tokens

note : I came across this ad on medium, if it is legit then it seems like a decent project, free tokens for sign up, seems like a automated token receiving system. I.e. signs you up for airdrops in the app. Anyways, there wasn’t a referal link to share so I just shared the medium ad; there is a link for free tokens in there, if you can please add me as your referral ; @rodriguez137


Olife Tokens – 11 OLIFE Tokens (+1 per REF)

Olife is a blockchain 4.0 unified crypto-commerce application with an open-source cryptographic token, OLIFE.

AlibabaCoin – 100 ABBC Tokens (+ Refs)

ABBC Multi-event exchange, wallet and token unveiling 

ETHX.CO Tokens – 10 Ethx Tokens (+10 per ref)

New exchange in the launching mode, will be live on August 10th, get 10 free tokens for sign up and additional ones for referring your friends


Twogap Tokens – 4000 TGT Tokens (+1000 per ref)

The World’s first decentralized value management platform

Tambola Tokens – 100TBL

Play games online, win tokens, bet with tambola’s

Dst Token – 20 DST (+ REF)

DST is a decentralized silver ecosystem with underlying blockchain technology, utilizing smart contract protocol in silver mining industry.


HackerNet Tokens – 400 HNT Tokens (+100 per REF)

/ is launching their project soon. They have been developing this project for quite a while and its one of the top projects based out of Singapore.


ICXC TokensGet upto 40 ICXC token (15 ICXC per ref)
ICON Classic — Empowering businesses to take control of their future through Blockchain powered Data Management.



FUNKEYpay Tokens – 100 token airdrop (+ 50 each per REF)
A new payment solution for P2P payment on SNS platforms.