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QUICK!!! Bring me coffee!

Long time ago, we two set out,
My soul and I.
I know not why,
For all our way was dim with doubt.
I know not where
We two may fare:
Though still with every changing weather,
We wander, groping on together.

We do not love, we are not friends,
My soul and I.
He lives a lie;
Untruth lines every way he wends.
A scoffer he
Who jeers at me:
And so, my comrade and my brother,
We wander on and hate each other.

Ay, there be taverns and to spare,
Beside the road;
But some strange goad
Lets me not stop to taste their fare.
Knew I the goal
Toward which my soul
And I made way, hope made life fragrant:
But no. We wander, aimless, vagrant!

– Paul Laurence Dunbar

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Saturday 811


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We broke 2000 Twitter Followers!! Yay!! Although I have no idea who many of you people are; it’s impossible to chat to everyone on a one to one basis, so I would just like to say I appreciate all the support and love, and although I don’t know any of you personally I love making those ‘social’ connections, ????????????????

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eh? Anyways, onto the airdrops kids ;



The Star
Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are!
Up above the world so high,
Like a diamond in the sky.
When the blazing sun is gone,
When he nothing shines upon,
Then you show your little light,
Twinkle, twinkle, all the night.
Then the traveler in the dark,
Thanks you for your tiny spark!
He could not see which way to go,
If you did not twinkle so.
In the dark blue sky you keep,
And often through my curtains peep,
For you never shut your eye
Till the sun is in the sky.
As your bright and tiny spark
Lights the traveler in the dark,
Though I know not what you are,
Twinkle, twinkle, little star.
Ann and Jane Taylor

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Gotta get down on Friday. .

“Johnny Speaks”
The Sandman he’s a jolly old fellow,
His face is kind and his voice is mellow,
But he makes your eyelids as heavy as lead,
And then you got to go off to bed;
I don’t think I like the Sandman.
But I’ve been playing this livelong day;
It does make a fellow so tired to play!
Oh, my, I’m a–yawning right here before me,
I’m the sleepiest fellow that ever you saw.
I think I do like the Sandman.


Paul Laurence Dunbar 

Well, it’s’ Friday peoples!!! Thank goodness; I hope we all had a productive week, much was accomplished; in God we trust. There are a few shit discount referral(s) today; they aren’t as much fun and usually require some sort of a deposit by your referral to get you any gains, so perhaps in the future, I won’t include these? AS this is supposed to be an ‘airdrop and promo code GIVEAWAY ‘ blog, not a pay to play shit post. Anyways; glad you are with me on Friday the 10th of the August in the year 2018 …


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Hump Day!

Image result for hump day


An old man planted and dug and tended,
Toiling in joy from dew to dew;
The sun was kind, and the rain befriended;
Fine grew his orchard and fair to view.
Then he said: “I will quiet my thrifty fears,
For here is fruit for my failing years.”

But even then the storm–clouds gathered,
Swallowing up the azure sky;
The sweeping winds into white foam lathered
The placid breast of the bay, hard by;
Then the spirits that raged in the darkened air
Swept o’er his orchard and left it bare.

The old man stood in the rain, uncaring,
Viewing the place the storm had swept;
And then with a cry from his soul despairing,
He bowed him down to the earth and wept.
But a voice cried aloud from the driving rain;
“Arise, old man, and plant again!”
Paul Laurence Dunbar

Well , here we are half way thru the 2nd week of August in the year 2018 …. on a Wednesday , my old french teacher was the first person I’ve ever heard it referred to as ‘hump day’ , I believe that was at age 14; you can imagine my response at that age heh… On that note, at age 25 my father and I were talking and he referred to his mustache as his ‘cookie duster’ , again ; my thoughts ran wild…. 
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“After the Fires” 
Donna Vorreyer
Sparrows enter through doors and windows, lured
by unseen forces, exit in a flurry of chimney smoke.
Stain of flutter. Shimmering carcinogens. Not burning
but batting wings to ash. To ashes. Not burnt but 
spurting from the funnel smudged and frenzied, some 
dark thing possessing them. Passing through the stack,
they emerge changed and skittering. This is the reason
I shake in doorways, cringe at hinges, tremble when 
I am drawn toward some sunrise, some small
kindness, anything tender. Pressure in my chest,
a column building—a plume of sparrows rises.
What a great night last night ; the wedding was fantastic – party was great. Congratulations to the couple!! Much love to them, they are a perfect fit for each other and it shines thru.
Has everybody seen the trailers for Tom Hardy’s The Venom?! I am stoked for this movie, hopefully they get it right ; venom has been my favorite anti-hero since i was a wee lad , along with freddy, jason, chucky, venom is frikken awesome. Can’t wait, check out trailer.

Ok, enough personal stuff .. onto airdrops – 200 + Midas Tokens

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