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Hump Day 11/28/18

Welcome to another episode of Hump Day @ CryptoSwagShop. Seems like our blog articles are becoming less of a priority since the merchandise and social media connections have started to thrive. Keeping that in mind moving forward, CryptoSwagDrops are gonna make it a priority to get daily content to our followers (regardless of what it is – we wanna connect daily with you guys).

Lately, we’ve been in a dry spell in Cryptos, everyone involved is likely watching the markets rather than paying attention to other’s opinions; unless they don’t formulate their own strategy well in crypto yet. Bitcoin has taken quite the nosedive since its ATH in December 2017, which to many first time investors is a charlie punch in the arm that hurts quite a bit at this point. CryptoSwagShop is sure of one thing, the brainiac kid who played pied piper at Christmas time last year is gonna have a lotta explaining to do this year. Typically, this is around the time of year the charts start to play the bull run game, but this year is a little bit different than most. Last year, we had a clear-cut decision to make with bitcoin and it’s main rivals, even in the face of a new addition to the game, (BCH). This year has been quite the shit show for cryptos, with BCH camp not agreeing on code causing a rift and eventual fork of BitcoinCash, now there is BitcoinCash ABC and BitcoinCash SV, alongside Bitcoin, and probably about 20 other forks of the main chain with different tags applied to the bitcoin name, i.e. bitcoin gold, bitcoin platinum, bitcoin silver, bitcoin SV, the list goes on. For onlookers from an outside view, the crypto landscape can be quite a shitstorm of seemingly scammy coins, I mean every fucking coin has lost so much value this year in the bear seasons, it’s gotta cause some cold feet. With all this bickering going on this year, it’s doubtful that we will see the much appreciated SantaBullRun, which may cause the bear cycle to continue into the new year. That’s one possible outcome, the other outcome is another ATH around Christmas time, which would cause more acceptance of cryptos heading into the new year and accelerate the crypto/fiat roadmap. Both outcomes can be taking in a positive light, lower price – stock up; higher price – celebrate, one thing is for sure Cryptos aren’t going away.

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Crypto Market Flux – Shine on you crazy Diamond

If you’ve been watching the crypto markets in the last week or so, you’ve likely noticed a huge sell-off across the board (can view charts @ Coinmarketcap); even yesterday saw another 26$ billion US dollars wiped off the crypto ledger. While that is disappointing to certain investors, it is overall an advantage to us all. If you are invested in bitcoin hopefully you invested for all the right reasons and understand that it is a newer tech and there will be ups and downs, as there is with anything in life. I hope that you didn’t invest just to make money, because if that is the case, then I am also gonna guess you bought at bad position timing, i.e. bought into the hype at the peak in the markets for fear of missing out (FOMO). No one can say what cryptos will do, but we can all say with certainty that cryptocurrencies are here to stay, for good. There are some hard lessons to be learned sometimes, and cryptocurrencies are no exception if anything cryptocurrencies are far underrated for the cutthroat winner takes all mentality of the crowds. So while we do see a massive market dip, powers are changing, energies are transforming and the nature of the beast is slowly becoming more clear. Let’s hope that the internal bickering and stupid mudslinging bullshit from opposing camps don’t splash mud in the eyes of the on watchers if I wasn’t invested and didn’t understand the technology – watching the ‘big heads’ (looking at xrp, bchabc, ESPECIALLY bchsv, btc, doge creator Jackson) in the game on social media is like watching children or political leaders fight; it’s very off-putting and does make questions arise, but in the meantime, Shine on you crazy diamonds; it’s all necessary.