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CryptoSwagShop hand picks their designs and which prints they choose to put on merchandise. Brands like Hivewear, 420, Ledger and KeepSafe are also present, but what about custom clothing and swag for your special occasions or place of employment? Need a discount price of custom tees in quality? Wanna stand out with your own designs and custom flavors? To be more user-friendly and help more demographics get what they really want CryptoSwagShop also offers custom merchandise straight to order. You can check out our process to have a better understanding of how we will handle your order. From printing, applying, to shipping and receiving, CryptoSwagShop has streamlined the process and would like to share it with you. Have a birthday coming up, how about a wedding? How about unknown or upcoming crypto that you wanna spread the word about? Why not advertise it on a mug, hoodie, tee shirt or many other various merchandise objects. All of the merchandise products you see on CryptoSwagShop may be customized to your flavor, or; if you have your own custom logo or print you would like to have us apply to product for you, CryptoSwagShop does that!

Please get in touch with our service desk, and let them know what you want. Our prices are generally 25$ a tee, 40$ a hoodie or 10$ a mug, cup etc. Pretty much the price you see for other merchandise is generally what you pay for custom logo swag and merchandise as well. CryptoSwagShop will work with you thru the process to make sure the end result is what you want, and if it isn’t then we also offer a return and refund program.



Our general turn around time on products is lightning quick, CryptoSwagShop stocks most RAW materials and if we need to order out suppliers get it to us in 2-3 days MAX! CryptoSwagShop processes orders asap and will have your custom swag in the mail very fast along with a secure tracking number to ensure you know where your parcel is at all times.

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Wanna grab some sweet custom swag? You can get in touch with our design artists right here.


Thank you for the interest

You can also check out our regular store – cryptoswagshop and if you are interested CryptoSwagShop also provides an updated blog, trading engine, swagbucks and our own in-house cryptocurrency token (Pollen) and also maintains the site regularly with fresh updates.


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