Crypto Wallets

Centbee is an exclusive Bitcoin wallet available for iOS or Android. Centbee’s GUI is very clean and snappy, and their company track record is flawless. Centbee has been embraced and invested in by the Bitcoin community, massive support from donators like CoinGeek and nChain have helped this wallet to propel to one of the industry’s best wallets. There are a lot of cool features available through the mobile app, such as merchant map and utility bill pay support; very cool stuff. If you are looking for a way to store your bitcoin on your mobile wallet, and have quick constant access to your bits; CryptoSwagShop recommends that you check out CentBEE wallet. 

‘Bitcoin has never been easier’

Handcash is a p2p bitcoin wallet that was designed from the ground up to be the simplest way to send bitcoin to date. Once you obtain the wallet you are presented with the option to pick a $handle; which makes the process of receiving much easier than a 34-bit alphanumerical string. Security of your application is protected by 4 digit PIN, and your funds are yours alone; HandCash does not store your private keys at all, that is your responsibility. If you are worried about your transaction history and blockchain forensics, don’t be; Handcash generates a new address each time you send or receive via the $handle.

If cellphone wallets aren’t your thing, ElectrumSV is a crazy easy wallet to use, the interface is simple and the security is placed into your hands. ElectrumSV does not keep copies of records or accounts. Each wallet can and should have the private key it manages encrypted with a user-defined password which you store in your head, or password manager. Please don’t leave your passwords, private keys, mnemonic phrase, anything that can allow others to access your wallet laying around in real life, or wide open on your personal computer. Like keys to your car, keys to your wallet will give anyone access to your funds. ElectrumSV sees no point in having a corresponding mobile application, which is fantastic because they have funneled all efforts into completing the best bitcoin desktop wallet. It is worth noting that ElectrumSV is also an SPV wallet, only a few pieces of the blockchain that are actually required to verify and secure your payments are required, no waiting hours and days for the chain to download. Beautiful! Also, if you were fortunate to carry some BCH before they forked off, you can use ElectrumSV to separate your Bitcoin,