Crypto Exchanges



FloatSV is an amazing exchange, it values simplicity without adding all the strenuous tokens, forks and litter about in ‘Crypto’ land. If you want a quick on and off-ramp from fiat; there are aiming to be your place of business. Following the current restrictions and prepping themselves for the upcoming season bitcoin, FloatSV is a major player when it comes to bitcoin and getting some easily. The team and leaders behind this exchange pride themselves on a fair system, and listening to the customer’s request, current withdraws of bitcoin cost as low as 5000 satoshis, as of writing that is about .002 USD, not even a penny in the USA. This is almost unheard of. Kudos to the team, if you are looking for excellence and less clutter. Check out


Changelly allows you to exchange cryptocurrency at the best current rates; simply transfer from one wallet to another within minutes. Changelly is very user-friendly and well respected. Enter the amount and the address. Transfer your coins and let the magic happen. Changelly also allows you to purchase certain cryptocurrencies with your national currencies! How convenient! Other cryptocurrency trading services charge you with withdrawal fees and commissions. Changelly charges a reasonable fee of 0.5%. Check out how it works.


If you are living in Canada, and having a hard time finding an easy onramp to BTC, or ETH, Shakepay is your provider; simple interface with a complimenting application available on Android/iOS. They value their customer’s security with such features as 2fa and SMS verification and they include .CSV that is easily downloaded for tax season and charting purposes. Unfortunately, they do not offer Bitcoin BSV; they do offer BTC and ETH tho; which can easily be sold for bitcoin.