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Bitcoin SV (Satoshi Vision)

Wanna send us a tip thru the BitcoinSV Network?

CryptoSwagShop wants to remind everybody that BitcoinSv is promoted and accepted by our Shop. Bitcoin SV is THE original whitepaper; after all the malicious attempts to hijack, fork and persuade the community away from the actual core values of Bitcoin. Bitcoin was designed to be an immutable public ledger built with the vision of a new world currency; one that provides privacy to its users but not absolute anonymity. For a fully functional currency ledger to replace our current system is must be traceable. The fact of the matter is, bitcoin is built on a blockchain, a blockchain has many functions, one of which is to keep absolute track of all transactions and information acquired on said blockchain; the blockchain is A PUBLIC LEDGER accessible to anyone; anywhere who can access the internet.

Bitcoin SV is increasing the block size which allows more information and more transactions to be processed without adding the un-needed ‘side chain’ garbage.

Sidechains are being designed to try and allow anonymous transactions; allowing absolute anonymous to bitcoin will cause anarchy and allow evil players to try to hide their dirt on controlled side chains (off bitcoin blockchain). BTC is not Bitcoin, sidechains are not BITCOIN. Bitcoin is Bitcoin and it is a public immutable ledger for all to see!

Satoshi’s Vision was never flawed, it doesn’t need sidechains, and it doesn’t allow anonymous anarchists with hidden agendas to use it.

If you would like to learn more about BitcoinSV, check out their website here; you can also check out the BSV Channel on Youtube where they discuss current trends, issues and have quite a bit of a laugh doing it as well 🙂


Scaling tests show Bitcoin SV handling sustained 64MB blocks for 24 hours – CoinGeek 01/24/2019


Bitcoin SV (BSV) Mines World Record 128MB Blocks – MarketsInsiders 04/04/2019

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ClearStreamz IPTV

CryptoSwagShop sells Android boxes and accessories for our customers, CSS carries an awesome supply at very competitive prices and the boxes come preloaded with apps and software, KODI is included as well to get you up and running out of the box, but what if you want more from you android box?

CryptoSwagShop would like to recommend Clearstreamz IPTV service

Inexpensive Cable TV Alternative

“At clearstreamz IPTV we offer low cost, affordable, stable and crystal clear IPTV streams in full high definition. We have the largest selection of movies and TV series on Demand, fully functional TV guide and Pay-Per-View (PPV) events. Clearstreamz is your premium IPTV Streaming service for Sports lovers as well. Watch every sport including NHL Red Zone, NBA League Pass, MLB, UFC, NFL Sunday Ticket, Laliga, Boxing, English premier league 3 pm Kickoff, Australian-Rules Football, Formula 1 etc. You will never miss any sporting events with us. Fire your greedy cable TV company and save hundreds or thousands of dollars each year as you step into the exciting new age of unlimited digital IPTV streaming for just a small fraction of your cable TV bill”

Clearstreamz has multiple packages available and they are very cheap! 

The package focuses more on channels from the US, UK, and Canada (French Canadian included). International countries are added as a bonus on this package. The International countries may be unstable and they can be hit or miss.


The package is designed for North Americans and this IPTV package focuses more on channels from US and Canadian ( French Canadian included).


The package is designed to deliver the finest HD Sports Programming on the Planet to your TV screen. Why go pay for DirectTV or a Cable Sports Package and spend hundreds of dollar a month?. With our sport only IPTV package you get access to NBA, NHL Sunday ticket, NFL Redzone, Ifollow (EFL), UEFA Champions League, PPV, English FA Cup, NBA league pass, 3 pm Kickoff, English Premier League, Canadian Curling and more.

  • Added as bonus Video on Demand Movies and Series are included on premium gold and silver IPTV packages.

Wanna take the service for a test run before you buy? Check out their free trial passes and see if the services are for you.

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Monday Marn

Welcome to another Monday folks; just wanted to touch base as it has been a while since our last blog entry; been working on the backend of the site. You may have noticed Swagbucks (SWB) compiling into your account or perhaps you’ve received an email from admin about Swagbucks, if you have or you haven’t – Swagbucks is now a thing at CryptoSwagShop; currently they are worth about .01 CAD each; you are allocated Swagbucks based on your site activities; which includes signing up for an account, daily use of the account will get you more, using your personalized referral link will get you more, check out products, leaving comments and reviews are all good ways to collect Swagbucks. Swagbucks are also redeemable for products in the store; make purchases in the store with your SWB; and get rewarded with more SWB! Last little tidbit about Swagbucks; they gain daily interest @ .01, so the more you collect the more you are rewarded with for holding SWB.

The CryptoSwagShop color scheme has been reverted back to the black and orange as it was before Christmas, with a few minor tweaks to spice it up a bit. Logos are being worked on as well, the general layout is what will be used this year going forward; at least until Christmas when we break out those horrible red and green colors again, sigh; it’s coming quick.

There are a lot of new products on the digital shelves; most of them from our overseas partners; CSS has been collecting affiliates to make our distribution simpler and more cost effective to our customers; make sure to surf around the products on site; our prices are very competitive; there are no delivery fees; and the products come directly to your door via courier.

Also, CryptoSwagShop is working on a digital download section as well, where we will offer audio files, commercial software, and many other downloadable digital content; which will be purchased with any currency as well as Swagbucks! CryptoSwagShop is in talks with some great content providers; so keep your eyes peeled for the software section coming soon.

Also if you missed the information on our payments and shipping information as well, we have now dropped UPS as a courier and we are working with multiple couriers to get the best cost for us, CryptoSwagShop offers the customer free shipping and to make it easier for crypto lovers to pay we have now incorporated Bitcoin SV as well; the SV team is making strides to bring BSV to the e-commerce market place; and CryptoSwagShop is happy to incorporate their efforts into our shop! CryptoSwagShop loves Bitcoin SV!

Well, that’s about it; keep an eye on our social media and shop sections for upcoming valentines shirts and gear for lovers; and then onto Saint Patrick’s day, one of our favorites! Check us out on Twitter or Facebook as well.





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Spanish Coincentrado CryptoSwagShop Review and Promotion

CryptoSwagShop has fantastic affiliates and project supporters. Cryptoswagshop tried to promote themselves internationally, as we ship anywhere in the world. Keep in mind as well, any orders over 50$ receive free shipping. CryptoSwagShop and our good friends over at Coincentrado have a promotional unwrapping of a cryptoswagshop HiveWear Eye of Providence’ sweater to share with fans and users. Coincentrado caters to Spanish speaking individuals, which we feel is crucial to our success.

CryptoSwagShop welcomes everyone and everybody. Coincentrado does amazing reviews and they also carry a rather large social media following. Coincentrado is very much respected for their reviews on cool crypto merchandise and awesome gadgets that make life easier. Interested blog readers and enthusiasts can check out their official Twitter page and also their official youtube page as well.

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Donation Support for CryptoSwagShop

CryptoSwagShop is here to provide slick crypto merchandise. Along with our other affiliated brands, HiveWear, 420, Ledger and KeepKey, we also keep an updated website. The CryptoSwagShop website and crypto experience that we wish to promote to our user base wouldn’t be complete without all the extras, including an in-house trade engine, wallet recommendations, and neat and tidy constantly updated blog. Our CryptoSwagDrops blog is known for its awesome promo code giveaways, alongside our ICO and Token Airdrops reviews. CryptoSwagShop and CryptoSwagDrops also maintain a presence across many of the social networking platforms, so allow our userbase to catch our news and updates where they prefer, and if you don’t use social media – our friendly email bots will send you an updated newsletter straight to your email. All of this takes time, effort and some overhead cost. CryptoSwagShop is not asking for a free handout but will accept donations if you feel our efforts deserve it. Any raised funds will be put towards overhead costs, marketing and maintaining our awesome status.

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