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CryptoSwagShop was born to serve crypto fans who crave merchandise to display their love for all things crypto. CryptoSwagShop is a group of entrepreneurs who have come together to sell merchandise, promote upcoming and current airdrops and bring the crypto community together with fresh blogs and giveaways.

We invite all of you, new Bee or O.G. to join in the fun. Our Cryptoswagshop website is maintained by a select few, therefore, the site is always up to date with new products, reports, and blogs. Cryptoswagshop‘s physical location is under renovations at the moment, but the address is listed in case you would like to shop locally. Cryptoswagshop posts all major updates to be a transparent company for our customers. Cryptoswagshop would also like to share the process of our manufacturing, shipping, and packaging with you.

CryptoSwagShop sells such brands as ‘HiveWear’, ‘420’ line and our own custom in-house graphics. All of our in-house tee shirts are 100% Heavy Cotton T-Shirt. Double stitched neck, waist, and sleeves. Seamless taped collars unless otherwise noted. CryptoSwagShop is located in the great white ice cold Canada, therefore, we understand the value of warm fuzzy hoodiesHoodies are heavy duty 50% Cotton / 50% polyester double-lined with kangaroo pouch in front. Double stitched seams on neck and collars, wrist and waist. Drawstring on matching color hood to keep super bundled. CryptoSwagShop in-house graphics use a high-quality heat transfer press with laser printed graphics and high-quality heat transfer materials. Logos are designed, printed and transferred by qualified personnel with the end result in mind.

CryptoSwagShop also offers access to international suppliers for quality amazing products, CryptoSwagShop makes wise decisions based on user review’s, feedback and supplier transparency. Some of drop shipping items make take a few more days to arrive at your door.

Cryptoswagshop accepts most major payments including MasterCard, Visa and American express thru our providing processor Squarebut, we’re very pleased to accept Bitcoin. CryptoSwagshop believes Bitcoin to be the future of digital finances if you would like to know a bit more about bitcoin you can check it out here. Swagbucks are an option as well, as long as your account holds enough CryptoSwagShop Swagbucks; you can use them towards your purchase – deducting the amount from you Swagbucks bank.

Check out the Blog Section aka CryptoSwagDrops for upcoming information on crypto projects with ICO, project information and rewarding tokens for your efforts. Cryptoswagshop also has it’s very own in-house token, which is written on the Ethereum blockchain. Pollen is our in-house token, it is being developed for utility function and trade value on Cryptoswagshop, more info on our Pollen token can be found here. CryptoSwagShop would also like to help you navigate the crypto sphere outside of our website, so with that in mind, Cryptoswagshop keeps an updated list of helpful services and has also partnered with some great affiliates.


More information can about Cryptoswagshop and our different terms can be found in our privacy policy, terms & conditions, returns and refunds along with contact information.

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